Why is disney plus so slow

Why is disney plus so slow. Disney Plus is the platform to watch different drama series and movies. But, it’s very irritating when you see different problems like Disney plus so slow, buffering, video audio delay, etc.

If you ask the main reason why disney Plus is so slow, then the simple answer is a weak internet connection. If you see the video buffering or streaming in low quality, it mostly happens due to a slow internet connection.

However, a bad internet connection is not only responsible for Disney plus being so slow. Disney plus app, web browser, outdated device software, Disney Plus server is down, device hardware issues, etc. can also slow down the disney plus and ruins your movie night experience.

Sometimes the issue is resolved just by restarting the device and router, but sometimes you need other solutions to overcome this trouble. Keep reading this guide to learn the detailed description of all issues and solutions to fix the disney plus speed.

Why is disney plus so slow

It’s frustrating to see disney plus so slow on and buffering on your device when you are all set to entertain your children with a movie night.

First, you must have a fast internet connection speed in your home to browse different live channels.

If you have slow-speed internet service in your area, you can not stream the live channels and keep experiencing buffering and video audio delay issues on your Disney plus.

Reopen the Disney Plus app

reopen the disney plus app

If you are watching a movie on the disney plus platform and suddenly it starts buffering, then don’t fret and wait for a few moments.

If the movie is continuously buffering and there is an audio-video delay, then the first tip is to close your Disney Plus app.

Close the Disney plus app and other background apps for five seconds and try to reopen Disney plus to check if the movie is streaming or still it is running slow.

Restart the device

If reopening the disney plus app does not increase the speed, and still it is slow, then restart your device. Some people prefer to watch a movie on disney plus on laptops or desktop computers for the big screen.

While some users stream disney plus on smartphones, if you are experiencing disney plus buffering the media very slowly, then reboot your device.

Give your device a complete power cycle by detaching the power cable for one minute. Power on your device and reopen the disney plus to check it is working fine.

Bad internet connection

bad internet connection

It’s compulsory to have a fast and stable internet connection in your house if you like to watch movies on disney plus channel.

If your disney plus app is running so slowly on your device, test your smartphone’s internet speed. Browse any website and stream it for a few minutes to check if it is streaming fast or also slow.

If all smart devices are slowly working on an internet connection, then improve your internet plan to a minimum of 5mbps speed at least.

Disney plus also starts buffering slowly when too many smart devices are connected with one modem at a time and start using the internet.

If you want to fix the bad internet connection, then move the device close to the modem or modem to the device, remove the extra smart devices, and contact with local ISP to upgrade the internet package.

The slow internet issue is also fixed by connecting the ethernet cable from the internet router to the smart device. Wireless connection is sometimes slow due to an increase in distance and physical interference.

Clear cached data

Keep clearing the cache data from disney plus app and web browser is necessary to free up the space in the device and decrease the overload.

When you do not clear the cached data and unnecessary data from the app and device, then your device will run short of memory and start buffering so slowly on disney plus.

So, clear the cache data from the disney plus app and other background apps to decrease the load on the device.

Update the Disney Plus app

If only the disney plus app is buffering on your smart device and other background apps like Youtube and Netflix are streaming the content fastly, then check the pending system updates in your disney plus app.

Disney plus always need the latest version to work properly, and if you do not update the latest version in the app, you face issues like disney plus slowly buffering the content.

It’s not challenging to locate the latest Disney Plus updates because you only need to connect your device with an internet connection and navigate to the app store on your device.

Check the system updates and if there is any disney plus pending update, then click on update to download the latest software version and features in your app.

Reinstall the Disney plus

If updating the disney plus app does not work, then reinstall the app on your smart device to remove all the glitches and cache data.

You can easily uninstall and reinstall the disney plus app from the device from the smart device play store.

Disney Plus server down

disney plus server down

Sometimes, the problem is not at your end, and Disney plus is slowly buffering the video due to the server being down.

It happens due to a power outage and Disney plus going through maintenance.

In this situation, many disney plus viewers experience the issue along with you. You can make sure the server is down from the Downdetector website.

Outdated web browser

Disney plus app needs the latest updated web browser to stream movies and shows fastly.

If you are facing slow buffering issues, then update the web browser.

Hardware issues

Hardware issues can also turn down the disney plus browsing speed. Always use high-speed, compatible, and quality cables in your smart device for fast buffering.


The last words on this guide are if your disney plus is running so slow and buffering the media slowly, then, first of all, check the internet connectivity.

If the network connection is fast and stable, try all solutions one by one to increase the buffering speed on your disney plus app.

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