Whirlpool washer not spinning clothes dry

Whirlpool washer not spinning clothes dry. Whirlpool manufacturers provide you with firmness and stability in their products. But sometimes any appliance you use creates problems with the time by not working correctly.

For example, here we are talking about the Whirlpool washer. It spins and throws out the water from your wet clothes. It’ll not be delightful if you insert your clothes into your Whirlpool washer, and it left the clothes soaking wet at the end of wash cycle.

As a result, you may not get your dry clothes. It’s a spoiling matter if you are in a hurry or have a busy schedule. Nobody wants to be jammed on a single task for a long time.

So, we’ll help you with accurate instructions without wasting your precious time. Stay with us for astonishing results of your washer’s problems. Follow each factor attentively while troubleshooting your washing machines.

Whirlpool washer not spinning clothes dry

Reasons for Whirlpool Washer Not Spinning

We’ll discuss the following reasons in this article:

  1. Electric power
  2. Over-charger laundry
  3. Unbalanced Load
  4. Unleveled Washer
  5. Reset Washer
  6. Drain hose blockage
  7. Incorrect drain hose position
  8. Failure of the Drain pump
  9. Clogged Drain filter
  10. Broken Machine Belt
  11. Check lid Switch
  12. Malfafunctioned Door Lock

Check Electric Powercheck electric power

The very first reason that we are going to discuss is low power electricity. Sometimes, when your Whirlpool washer not spinning, there might be a reason your washer is not getting enough power to spin at its max level.

Because the washer is not getting the energy required for the spinner to expel the water from your clothes, whenever your washer starts developing issues, make sure to check the electricity readings or measure voltage by using a multimeter or a volt meter.

The following reason that is related to the electric power is over-heating. When your washer detects the over-heating, it completes the spin cycle before the period. So, if you are using extension cords with your washer, it may cause over-heating in your washer.

Over-Charged Laundry

The following reason that may create an issue for clothes is overfilling your washer drum. It is a little reason you can fix quickly without following a lengthy procedure.

Make sure that when inserting the clothes, don’t fill it to the edges. Make sure to choose the correct wash cycle. Overloading may block the air circulation in the washer tub. That may result in leaving clothes wet.

It may also create an issue with the slow speed of the spinner.

Putting a heavy load may stop the washer from spinning correctly, resulting in failed expelling out of water.

So whenever you put a load in a washer drum, fill it with just 75% of it with a right wash cycles.

Unbalanced Wash Loadunbalanced wash load

The second thing is unbalanced or uneven washing machine wash load in the washer tub. Putting the clothes without a proper arrangement makes your washer tremble, stopping it from spinning correctly.

When your washer starts shaking, turn off the washer immediately and remove all the clothes from the washer drum.

After that, put all the clothes in a proper arrangement, and then start the spin cycle again.

Unleveled Washer

Sometimes, the unleveled setting or position of your washing machine affects the spinning quality.

So, whenever you suspect your Whirlpool washer not spinning correctly and the clothes are still wet after a spin cycle.

Then you need to check your washer’s position to get the fast, efficient spin cycle. Make sure your washer is leveled at the spot and not bending at one side.

If it is not leveled, then fix this issue, and if it is leveled but still making trouble, then you need to proceed to the next step.

Reset Option

If you have examined all the previous steps and everything is fine, but still, your Whirlpool washer not spinning clothes dry, then you need to try the washer reset option.

Follow these steps to reset your Whirlpool washer.

  • Turn OFF the washer through the access panel.
  • Turn the dial to “Normal.”
  • Turn the dial counters with one click.
  • Then, clockwise, three clicks.
  • Then, turn the dial counter wise one click.
  • Turn the dial counter wise one click again.
  • Illuminate the wash, stop and rinse buttons. Turn the dial to illuminate them
  • After that, turn OFF the washer via the access panel.
  • Then turn OFF the washer’s power cable.
  • Leave it off for 20 seconds.
  • Plug the washer and then turn it ON through the access panel.

After following these steps, your Whirlpool washer may reset fully.

Dain Hose Blockagedain hose blockage

Now, we will check the washer’s components to find the culprit. If the Whirlpool washer not spinning and not doing its jobs efficiently, the drain hose could be a reason for that.

You may check if there is any blockage or clogged in the drain hose or drain pipe as we know that the drain hose is responsible for wastewater drainage.

So the blockage may affect the spinning quality, and you may get wet clothes at the end of the spin cycle. Inspect Drain hose is positioned correctly.

So, while troubleshooting, ensure no bend or clog in the hose. To accomplish this task, you need to disconnect the drain hose as you may easily access it at the back side of your washer.

After disconnecting, look into the washing machine hose with open eyes if you find any coin, hairballs, or blockage material.

Clean the drain hose and drain pipe by removing the clog and get back your dry clothes smoothly.

Incorrect Drain Hose Position

After cleaning the drain hose, also check the spot of the washing machine drain hose because the well-positioned drain hose drains the waste water reliably.

But, if it is too far down inside the standpipe, it might affect the spinning quality of your washer. In case you may get filthy dry clothes.

The second disadvantage of the incorrect position of the drain hose is that it leaves the detergents or soap suds when it won’t drain properly.

To resolve this issue, ensure that your drain hose’s position is settled neutral and remove the kinks so that you can get your dry clothes back.

Drain Pump Failuredrain pump failure

The following reason that is essential to be discussed is the failure of the drain pump.

As we know, a device or an appliance is developed with a bulk of components, and if one of the components gets defective, it affects the whole performance of your appliance.

Here, we want to tell you the facts about the drain pump. If your washing machine drain pump is clogged or defective, then your washer won’t dry clothes because of failed drainage.

Don’t worry, as tackling your drain pump is not much complicated. The only thing that you need to do is access the drain pump of your washer to examine the problem.

You may easily find it by removing the drain hose and the back panel of your Whirlpool washer. Make sure there is any debris that became a cause of the blockage. Then, clean the drain pump before starting a wash cycle.

If you found no blockage, try to figure out if your washer’s pump is broken. You have to examine the drain pump physically. If it is damaged or broken and cannot be repaired, replace it with a new one.

The last thing you may try to investigate is the drain pump of your washer using a multimeter. In case you don’t find any damage on it. To accomplish this task, touch the multimeter probes with the terminals of the drain pump.

After that, you need to examine the readings through the multimeter. If the drain pump doesn’t transmit the reading to the multimeter, then you need to replace the drain pump of your Whirlpool washer.

Fortunately, if it successfully shows the readings, then there is no need for any replacement. After checking the pump and drain hose, proceed to the next step to figure out the problem.

Clogged Drain Filterclogged drain filter

If your washer not spinning and still not giving you the proper results, you may try the next step to find out why the Whirlpool washer stopping your washer from spinning correctly.

Clogging in the drain filter or coin trap also stops your washer from throwing out the wastewater from your clothes.

The drain filter is made up of plastic and is located on the drain pump of your washer. It works as a filter and prevents objects like a coin from entering the drain.

If your washer drain filter or coin trap becomes clogged, it may stop the smooth water flow. As a result, you can’t demand dry clothes from your washer after completing a spin cycle.

Stay calm and take a deep breath. Things become easy when you determine to solve them. So, remove the access panel.

Next step is to clean the drain filter, as it is not time consuming. Cleaning the filter may able the flow of water effectivly.

Broken Washer Beltbroken washer belt 2022

A washer belt or direct drive motor coupler also plays an integral part in converting your wet clothes into dry clothes after a successful spin cycle.

If your Whirlpool washer is not spinning clothes dry at the full spin speed to throw out the extra water from your clothes after a wash cycle or the washer stops spinning, there may be a broken or damaged elt behind the scene.

The washer belt helps the spinner to spin efficiently, but if it is broken or has cracks on it, then the washer not spinning because of failed drainage from the tub.

Sometimes it slips on the motor while the motor tries to spin the belt fastly during the wash cycle. As a result, you don’t get the perfect spinning from your washer. But don’t worry, you may easily access the belt of your machine with our instructions.

Depending on your Whirlpool model, it may be located on your machine’s front or back side. If it is behind your washer, you must pull the washer to get easy access to your machine’s belt.

When you approach the back side of your washer or the front side, you may easily find the belt as it is probably located at the bottom of the dryer drum or the tub.

One more thing that you need to make sure, that whenever you start troubleshooting any appliance, whether it’s a washer or a refrigerator, don’t forget to unplug the power cable of your appliance.

After accessing the washer belt, inspect it to see if it has any cracks or any damage or if it is broken, then replace the old machine’s belt with a new one.

Defective Lid Switchdefective lid switch

Another reason that may cause not spinning your washer could be a failed washer lid switch. Mostly the top load washer contains a lid switch.

These models have a magnetic sensor that looks like a piece of metal. When you properly close the lid, the metal pins are slowly inserted into the metal, and then the washer starts spinning after the sensor detects the properly closed lid.

You may easily access it, located at the bottom of your washer’s lid. When you access the lid switch, you may also check that it is placed in the correct position. You need to tighten it on its spot to get a strong flow if it is loosened.

To examine it, you may use a multimeter. Join the probes of the multimeter to the terminals of the switch. This issue will leaves clothes wet after wash cycle.

If it does not show the passing electricity through it, you may change with new lid switch to resolve the issue. If it is working, then look upon the next step.

Malfunctioned Door Lock switch

Here is another reason that may cause of stopping the spinner from a spin cycle. The washer may not start running till the door lock switch is open.

You can say that it also gives you safety by not running when the door lock is open.

The mechanism of locking the door contains a door lock switch or door lock assembly. When you open or close the door, it detects the position and sends the signals to the control board.

So the control board runs the spinner when the door locking mechanism is locked correctly. So whenever you realize that the spinner of your washer leave clothes wet, you may replace it after diagnosing the culprit.

You may use a multimeter to check the door lock switch assembly. Touch the multimeter’s probes to the door lock terminals and then check the readings.

Suppose it is not giving the readings, then it’s essential to replace it. After replacing, your washer may start performing perfectly.


In this article, you may be able to your Whirlpool washer properly, as we discussed all the repair and troubleshooting methods in detail.

The thing needs to be checked for electrical or mechanical issues, the faulty door switch assembly, power failure, drain pump debris filter, faulty lid lock, faulty direct drive system, Problem with rinse cycle, and defective drive belt.

Be attentive while troubleshooting. Don’t panic or no need to worry, as these instructions are enough to prevent your worries.

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