Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing

Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing. When we talk about washers, the whirlpool makes its name on the list. Whirlpool washers are known for their features and outstanding performance.

The best thing about whirlpool is that it updates itself with new technology.

There is no doubt about the performance of whirlpool, but like all technological appliances, they can also get faulty.

When something that we use on a daily basis gets malfunctioned, then things get frustrating.

The most common problem that most whirlpool machine users experience is about its door. People complain that the whirlpool washer door-locked light is flashing.

If your Whirlpool door is locked, flashing light, then you don’t have to burden your head because this is something that can fix. Yes, you heard it right. You can fix this at home.

But if you want to fix this at home, you need a good guide. Luckily we have got you covered. As we have listed some common cause that leads to the disturbing door.

Whirlpool washer door locked light flashing

Reason Behind Whirlpool washer door locked

Whirlpool machines make things easy with the new technology of automatic locking doors. But new technologies get faulty quickly.

Mechanical locks of whirlpool washing machines are so convenient, but when something goes wrong, they can lead to a frustrating experience.

We have described some widespread causes of whirlpool machine door locked light flashing.

9 Common Causes of whirlpool locked door

If your Whirlpool washer’s door gets locked, then you have to check that door. Locked doors don’t get much time to open.

But if that door is of a whirlpool machine, then it is evident that you have to go through good causes that lead to the locked door.

The most common cause of locked light flashing doors is faulty lid lock assembly, faulty drain pump, faulty hose, and disturbing lock switch.

We will help you look into the most common causes of the whirlpool washer door locked light flashing.

Reason 1. Faulty control board

faulty control board

As we have discussed earlier, whirlpool comes out every time with the new technology.

We are still sticking to our point because whirlpool washing machines come with a control board connected to the control panel.

The Control board works to transfer the connection between the washer and its components. If something goes wrong with it, the link will be lost.

The link will get lost then the washer will not respond appropriately even if you turn the door lock.


If that control panel gets locked, then you have to unlock it. Unlocking the control panel will possibly unlock the door lock issues.

Locate the dashboard to press and hold the control board button for more than 3 to 5 seconds. Make sure that you press the correct button combination.

After having the front panel, a beep will be buzzed off out of the front panel, and you will witness a humming sound out of the panel.

he beep indicates that the control panel is reset and the fault in the control board has been removed. You can unlock the door quickly.

You can test it through a rapid spinning by pushing it through a power button. We are hoping that it will remove shifter errors related to the door

Reason 2. Whirlpool washer showing up error code

whirlpool washer showing up error code

Suppose the whirlpool washer shows any error during a washing cycle. If the door gets locked and starts flashing up.

Then the problem could lie in the systematic setting of the whirlpool washing machine during the wash cycle.

It is not necessary that the problem only lies in the mechanical components. The problem can be solved by resetting the machine.

Resetting Whirlpool washer

To reset the washer, you have to follow the simple step. You have to remove the switch from the plug.

After pulling the plug, you must wait for about 40 to 50 minutes. When you plug the washer again, the washing machine settings will automatically shift to the default.

Resetting the whirlpool will solve many possible problems.

Reason 3. Shoddy Lid Lock

shoddy lid lock

Examine out the lid lock properly. Check if something is getting wrong with it or not. Sometimes lid locks can get worn out, or they can get loose.

So you have to check them thoroughly, and if they get loose, you can entirely stab them to fix them in their place.


If you feel stuck anytime in repairing the lid lock light, then it is recommended to replace it right away.

Reason 4. Defective Actuator motor

defective actuator motor

Technologies are made to get down at any time. The Whirlpool washing machine’s actuator motor can get faulty or lose its position.

You have to check the engine so that you can repair it thoroughly.

Repairing, matching, and even replacing the actuator motor will not charge as much as the new washer costs.


To examine the actuator motor, you have to follow these easy steps.

  • Locate the washer: You have to locate it. You can identify the actuator motor under the whirlpool.
  • Lay the washer down: Lay down the washer by setting its under path revealed and letting it pull straight.
  • Put a towel down: Put a towel down the actuator motor and remove any furniture pad if it is attached to the washer. The towel will catch the screws or anything that can fall down during the examining process.
  • Examine the disconnection: Check if wires are disconnected or not. Check the plastic cord inside and examine whether one screw holding is placed right or not. If you see the disconnected wires, then connect them using fundamental skills.
  • Examine the sensor actuator motor speeds: Thoroughly check the actuator motor speed by locating the actuator motor optical speed sensor. You can check it using an optical speed sensor.
  • Replacing the actuator motor: If you find anything faulty in the sensor actuator, then you have to replace it with the new actuator motor simply.

Reason 5. Faulty Drain pump if nothing

faulty drain pump if nothing

The reason could lie in the drain pump. Sometimes dirt and debris make their way into the draining pumps.

When something gets stuck in those pumps, then it will cause clogging. If we want to maintain the system of whirlpool machines, then we have to keep their cleaning routine.

Try to remove the blockage out of the drain pump. If you don’t know how to remove the blockage, we have provided you with a solution below.


To clean the blockage, remove the drain pump cover. After removing the drain pump cover, start your spin and drain cycle with boiling water.

That boiling water will make its way through the pump during the machine’s spinning. When it makes its way through the pump, then water will start evaporating. That evaporates will thoroughly filter drain water.

If cleaning the pump doesn’t unlock your washer’s door frame, you must shift to the following.

But before that, examine if something else is wrong with the drain pump water supply or if any other problem is lying. After examining out, replace the drain pump if needed.

Reason 6. Broken or clogged inlet Hoses

broken or clogged inlet hoses

This problem identification and fixture process are the same as a drain pump.

If the inlet hoses get blocked due to dirt and lint debris, you must remove the blockage. Removing blockage will most properly do the job.


If the hose gets blocked, then remove the blockage by cleaning it. Overall, cleaning will do the job.

If the hose gets broken, then it is recommended to replace the hose with the new one.

Reason 7. Faulty Door lock terminals

faulty door lock terminals

There are basically two main terminals of the whirlpool washing machine’s door frame. The first one is the door switch, and the other one is the lid switch.

If something goes wrong with any of them, the whirlpool washing machine door will lock and start flashing lights.

To unlock your door. You have to go through each of the terminals.

  • Defective door switch and striker

defective door switch and striker

The Whirlpool washing machine comes with the feature of a door switch.

Because if the door does not lock up properly, it can create a hazardous situation. That door switches feature functions as a safety feature.

The first thing that you have to do is to locate the door strikers. Because from the door striker, you will be able to check the alignment of the door automatic locks.


Sometimes striker can get broken by falling or anything. If the striker gets damaged, it is recommended to replace it immediately. Replacing the striker will do the job.

If the striker gets loose, then you can fix it in its place by simply stabbing it with your fingers.

  • Defective Lid switch

defective lid switch

The lid switch is also one of the critical components of the whirlpool washing machine.

If the lid switch gets broken or it gets loose, then you have to replace it. But before replacing it, use a multimeter to check it thoroughly.


If the lid switch doesn’t get on its point, replacing it will unlock the door.

Reason 8. Water in the wash tub

The Whirlpool washing machine comes with a function that doesn’t allow the washer door to unlock while water is lying in the tub.

So in order to open the front load washer door, you have to remove the water from the front load washer tub.


Use a sucking pipe or draining way, and you can even use a towel to absorb the extra water and water supply. When you are done clearing out all the water, we hope the door will make its way to open up.

Reason 9. Heat up Washer

This is one of the most common reasons that can lead to a door lock assembly, and the door will remain locked. The higher wash temperature of the washing machine will not allow the door to open up.

Almost all whirlpool machines come with the function of heating the water. There are electric rods installed in the devices that heat the water during the washing cycle.

The door manually gets locked so that it can prevent its users from any kind of danger. The overheated machine will not let the door manually open. So you have to keep on checking on the owner’s manual.


If you want to open the locked door due to high press wash temp. Then one thing you must do to unlock it manually is to wait for a few minutes until the wash temp goes down. if the temperature goes down, then

Manually Unlock the Whirlpool Washer door

If you are done trying almost everything, you must unlock the whirlpool machine door light flashing manually unlock.

There could be many possible reasons for the door being locked. If you are done trying the above samples, you have to shift to the manual unlocking of the whirlpool models.

The first thing that you have to do after getting to know about the locked door is to unplug the machine first.

Unplug the machine from the main circuit board. After unplugging the machine, you have to wait for almost 10 minutes.

Ensure that you remove any excessive laundry that is lying in the washer so that you can prevent yourself from making any mess that could create.

It will Manually unlock the machine. The whirlpool washing machine will hopefully solve the locked door problems.

Final Verdict

We know the frustration that comes when one of the most used home appliances goes down due to any possible reason.

If that most used appliance is your washing machine, it will be even more frustrating because Laundry Can’t wait.

If your menu Whirlpool washer door locked flashing light, it would undoubtedly be a frustrating experience right between your laundry cycle.

But the good part is that you can still repair your whirlpool washer, and still you can troubleshoot the problem.

Luckily We have listed nine possible common reasons that can lead to a Whirlpool washer door locked light.

We have also described the possible solutions you can quickly fix by staying in the comfort of your home.

Because we care about your money, washing machine professionals can drain it out of your pocket. We hope the above-listed solutions will help you solve the problem.

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