Washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle

Washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle. A washing machine is an electrical appliance used to wash towels, clothes, and other fabrics with less effort than washing clothes with hands.

Like other electrical machines, the washing machine also demands proper maintenance because if you use it roughly, like putting an extra load in the top load washers, it will be difficult to close the washer’s door.

The big problem creates due to overloading the top loading machine or front loading washer is that it starts making a loud banging noise on the spin cycle.

Washing machine making loud banging noise on spin cycle

Following are some common reasons for the loud noise during the spin cycle.

  • Too many clothes
  • Uneven load
  • Loose tub bearing
  • The drain pump is faulty
  • Unbalance floor
  • Bad suspension rod
  • Coins clinking in pocket
  • Shock absorbers are damaged
  • Cracked drum spyder arm
  • The Drive pulley is broken
  • Faulty motor coupling

These are some common causes of the loud banging sound in the washing machine so keep reading to get more knowledge about all these issues so that you can fix them.

If your top-loading washing machine makes a loud banging sound, remove the extra clothes from the outer tub, always put an even load in the machine and place the washing machine on a smooth floor.

Too many clothes

too many clothes

Do not put too many clothes in one spin cycle when you plan to wash the clothes in modern washing machines, whether it is front-loading machines or top-loading washers.

If you try to wash the extra clothes in one spin cycle to save the water and detergent, the tub bearings have to make a lot of effort for drum spinning.

The entire washer machine has to put a lot of force due to overload in the washer drum, and as a result, banging sounds start coming from the machine.

So, ensure to load fewer clothes and towels in the machine to decrease the loud noise, and if you have put too many clothes, pull them out so that the washing machine spins quickly and stops making a loud thumping noise and wash the dresses in two spin cycles.

Unbalance floor

unbalance floor

It does not matter which washing machine you have to wash the clothes on because if you have a top loading washer or front load washer, you must place it on an even floor.

Top loader washing machines placed on uneven surfaces will make a loud noise.

When you wash the clothes, the machine will start to walk and make a lot of loud noises during spin cycles.

So, if your washing machine is making a lot of banging noise, turn it off, pull out the power cord, and change the place of the washer to an even floor and upright position.

Uneven load

uneven load

Irregular load is one of the main reasons beyond the banging noise from the washing machine during the spin cycle.

Always make sure to put the same laundry load size in one washing cycle because putting the clothes in different sizes will make it difficult for the top load washer to spin.

The agitator tower has to put a lot of force to spin the clothes, which results in a banging noise.

Small clothes are stuck with big size towels and dresses in the inner tub, making it challenging to agitate properly.

So, separate the different clothes sizes like wash the sturdy jeans separately.

Drain pump is faulty

drain pump is faulty

If you check that the water is not clearing from the top loading machine or front load washers, the leading cause of this trouble is that the drain pump is faulty.

It does not happen too often that the drain pump becomes faulty and starts making such banging sounds, so ensure to clean the pump after 6 months, so it does not make loud banging noises.

Loose rear bearing

loose rear bearing

Listening to loud noise during the clothes spin cycle may be due to a loose bearing in top loading washing machines and can break the drum’s mounting hardware.

If you see the rear bearing is faulty, immediately pull out the power cord and hire a professional to change the loose rear bearing.

Switch off the washing machine and detach the center cover to gain access panels to reach the faulty main tub bearing; check it properly.

If it is damaged, replace it with a new one and insert the power cord to check the machine is still making banging noises.

Bad suspension rod

bad suspension rod

If loud banging sounds coming from top loader washing machines, then one of its usual causes is a faulty suspension rod.

You can not change a top loading washing machine because it makes a banging sound during the spin cycle.

In modern washing machines, an error code displays on the screen to indicate that a part is a culprit and needs to be replaced.

If any of the four suspension rods are broken, the drum cannot maintain its balance, and it is crucial for the top loader washer that its drum should be balanced during the clothes spin cycle.

So hire a professional electrician to change the damaged suspension rods.

Coins clinking in pocket

coins clinking in pocket

It is essential to check the clothes pockets to remove important notes, cash, especially metal coins.

These coins make a loud thumping sound when they collide with the stainless steel drum.

These coins are also stuck in the drain pipe and blockage, due to which water stops draining.

So, make sure to empty your pockets, especially the children’s pockets, because they have the habit of keeping the metal coins in their pockets.

Shock absorbers are damaged

shock absorbers are damaged

It is very important to pay attention to your electrical appliance if it is making a loud banging noise.

You can not replace a device just because it is making noise, so it’s better to check the washing machine and why it is making a loud noise.

The shock absorber is damaged if the washing machine makes loud noise during spin cycles.

The primary purpose of shock absorbers is to keep the drum balanced during spinning. If the drum loses balance, the stainless drum starts to move fastly.

If you do not pay attention to it and ignore it, the drum may fall into the top load washer and starts making loud banging noises.

If the error code indicates that the shock absorber is damaged, switch off the machine, pull out all the clothes, and hire an electrician to change the broken shock absorber.

Cracked drum spider arm

cracked drum spider arm

Front loading machines are getting famous in homes due to their functions and durability. The stainless steel drum is fixed in these washers to use like a drum spyder.

This spider arm is made up of pot metal which can be damaged due to corrosion.

When it fails, it breaks down and starts making a loud noise during spin cycles.

It is not difficult to check the broken spyder arm because you can confirm it through an error code or manually.

Turn off the washer and open the washing machine door. Now move the washer drum with your hands.

If the washer drum moves immoderately, the spider arm is broken, and you need to change it with one.

If you are not professional, I suggest you hire a professional to replace the damaged spider arm of the washer to keep the drum balanced.

Drive pulley is broken

drive pulley is broken

The drive pulley is an essential component of the top loading washing machine.

It is usually made up of metal or plastic and is connected with a belt that helps spin the machine.

When this drive pulley or belt has worn out, the machine begins to make a loud banging sound.

You have only the option to replace the broken drive pulley by running the machine.

You can purchase the damaged part from the hardware store in the market or online by Amazon.

Failed motor coupling

failed motor coupling

If you filled the machine to wash the dirty clothes and towels and listen to the motor running, but the agitator tower is not agitating, reset the dial on the spinning cycle.

If the machines clear the water and you listen to the motor coupling running, it is making loud noise but not exactly spinning.

These all signs show that you have failed motor coupling. So, stop the machine and hire a skillful electrician to repair the motor coupling.


The article’s bottom line is that if you have the top loading washer to wash the clothes, your first duty is to keep the appliance up to date.

If your Washer machine makes loud banging noise on the spin cycle, read all the points described in detail.

Maintain it properly by cleaning it thoroughly from top to bottom. Do not use extra detergent because sud is stuck in different parts and damages them.

Lastly, do not overload the washer with oversized towels and sturdy jeans so that there should be no damage to the tub wear pads, ball bearings, and clutch assembly of the machine.

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