Vizio hdmi not working

Vizio hdmi not working. Vizio tvs are the best substitute for smart tvs because these devices are available in the market at reasonable prices. Like other electrical appliances, these tvs are not exceptional from different technical and hardware issues.

Many Vizio tv users complained that their tv HDMI port is not working for unknown reasons over time, so don’t worry because there are several solutions to resolve this issue.

Before you start fixing the Vizio TV’s HDMI port, you need to search for the basic reason for this issue. The HDMI port is not working, and it is faulty.

Your needs require to be reset, and it may be an issue that the Vizio tv is not set on the right input. Read this full post to learn the different solutions to fix the faulty Vizio tv HDMI port.

Vizio hdmi not working

If you turn on your Vizio tv to refresh your mind by watching some media content, then it’s very annoying to see a black screen and a “No Signal” message.

However, don’t get annoyed. It is happening because your TV cannot get signals from connected devices.

If you look shortly at the main reasons behind the TV HDMI port not working, check the loose cable connection, damaged HDMI cable, wrong tv resolution settings, outdated tv software, and faulty tv HDMI ports. Let’s discuss all the reasons in detail for fixing the issue.

Hard reset the tv

hard reset the tv


When you see Vizio HDMI not working, a hard reset is always the first step because, in most cases, a hard reset fixes the Vizio tv HDMI cable issue.

Follow these steps one by one to complete the hard reset of the tv.

  • Power off the device
  • Turn off your Vizio TV.
  • Remove all the HDMI cables connected to the Vizio tv.
  • Drag out the tv power cable from the electrical socket.
  • Now, long press the Vizio tv power button for 20 seconds.
  • Insert all HDMI cables in the respective tv ports
  • Plug in the tv power cable in the socket and power on your tv.

If the hard reset resolves the issue, then enjoy your watch experience, but if the problem persists, then keep reading.

HDMI cable loose connection

Check the loose cable connection if the Vizio HDMI is not working. Pull out the cable from the port and reinsert it into the port tightly to make sure the electric current and signals are passing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some people make mistakes, such as inserting the cable in the port in the wrong way, due to which the tv does not receive signals.

So, make sure you are inserting the HDMI cable into the port in the right manner.

Check the HDMI cables

The next step is to check the HDMI cables connected to the tv and another device. If the HDMI cables are not working in the Vizio tv, then connect them to another tv to confirm the cables are damaged, or there is an issue with the port.

If your Vizio tv is too old, then its HDMI cables must be dusty and dirty, due to which there is a loose cable connection in the port. Clean all the dust and dirt from the cable and try to reconnect them.

If you check if the cable is faulty or worn out, then replace the faulty HDMI cable with a new high-quality cable to fix the problem.

Insert the HDMI cable into the next HDMI port

insert the hdmi cable into the next hdmi port

There are 3 to 4 HDMI ports fixed in one Vizio tv device, so if your HDMI cable is not working in one port, then insert the cable in the next port because it may be a chance that the current port is faulty and no more compatible with the cable and change the input on your tv with remote input button.

It’s important to insert the cables in the ports carefully and regularly clean the dust from tv ports.

If all HDMI ports become faulty and stop working to overheating, then check the Vizio tv warranty card. You can claim a warranty for your Vizio tv if its warranty date is not over yet.

Check input source

This point is related to the previous step. When you change the HDMI cable from one port, like HDMI1, to the next HDMI2 port, then you need to change the input source on the TV from the remote control.

If you have connected to the cable in HDMI 2, press the Input button on your VIZIO tv remote control and use the arrow button to select HDMI 2; otherwise, you will see a black screen only.

Try another HDMI cable

If one HDMI cable is not working and not connecting your Vizio tv with the device, then remove the cable from the tv port and another end from the connected device port for a few seconds.

Now, reconnect the HDMI cable at both ends, and check does it make any change or not. If the HDMI cable starts working, then your issue is resolved. Otherwise, try another HDMI cable to connect the tv and device.

Update your tv software

Outdated software also creates many issues and stops the HDMI port from connecting with other devices. So, check the tv software, and if it is outdated, then follow the below steps to update the latest TV software.

  • Press the Menu button on your tv remote control.
  • Choose System
  •  Check for Updates
  • Click ‘Confirm’ if you see any pending update

Factory Reset

factory reset

If none of the above steps work and your Vizio tv HDMI is not working, then the last option is to factory reset the tv to clear any setting changes that are accidentally done on your tv to stop the HDMI port from working.

Follow these simple steps to factory reset your Vizio tv.

  • Press the Menu button on your tv remote control.
  • Go to System
  • Select Reset & Admin.
  • Enter your password. If you have not changed the password, then the default code is ‘0000’.
  • Choose ‘Reset’ and press ‘Ok’ on your tv remote.

When you press Ok on your tv remote, then the tv will reboot itself and go through the set-up process.


In this article, I discussed the different solutions and steps to fix the Vizio HDMI not working.

If your Vizio HDMI stops working, your first feeling may be to call Vizio customer service to repair your tv professionally.

But, after reading this post, I am sure you can also fix the problem with a little bit of effort.

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