Tv screen goes black but sound still works

Tv screen goes black but sound still works. If your smart tv screen goes black, but the sound is still coming, then it means the tv is working and something is going wrong suddenly.

Smart devices are not exceptional from technical errors, so if you are disturbed by the issue, then read this complete article to learn why the tv screen goes black, but the audio still works.

You can not relate that your smart tv power cable is disconnected from the wall outlet because the sound is still coming from the device.

There are countless reasons for blank tv screens, like the power supply is failed, loose cable connections, bad capacitors, backlight issues, etc.
Read this complete post on how to bring back the tv screen display because you can not enjoy your favorite tv shows without pictures.

Tv screen goes black but sound still works

The tv screen goes black for several reasons, but mostly it occurs due to loose cable connections and hardware issues.

Sometimes you install such apps on your smart tv, which your tv software does not support, and as a result, the tv screen goes black.

It’s much worse to see your tv screen is black and the background audio playing. Follow all these troubleshooting tips without delay to bring back your tv picture.

Restart your tv

restart your tv

It is very annoying to see no picture displaying on your tv screen when you switch on the TV in the evening to watch your favorite channel.

If the sound is coming and there is no picture, then it means the device is connected to the wall outlet, and the current is accessing the tv.
Turn off your tv and disconnect the cord from the wall acceptable for one minute. Plug in the cable after one minute and power on your smart tv.
Sometimes, the power cycle clears the bugs and software glitches problem, and the device starts to work again.

Power saver mode

Power save mode is another reason the tv screen goes black. So, check your tv settings and disable the power save mode on your tv.

Power saver mode is installed in some devices to save energy, so if you don’t want to disturb it again and again with a blank screen, then disable the power saver mode from the tv settings.

Check cable connections

When you install your smart tv on the wall, make sure to tighten the cable connections because if there is any loose cable, the tv screen will go black, but the sound is still coming.

If your tv device is old and you have been watching it for a long time, then its HDMI cables and power cables might be damaged or may have become loose in the ports, due to which the tv screen goes black.

So, if the tv power cable is broken, then always replace it with a new HDMI cable to resolve teh black screen issue.

Backlight problems

The smart tvs use backlight to show pictures on the tv screen when you turn on the tv. If the backlight is having some problem and it is faulty, then the tv will not display the picture on the screen.

However, you will keep listening to the channel audio in the background, but there is no benefit of audio if the picture is not displaying. In this case, you have to replace the faulty backlights.

Change the channel

change the channel

If you turn it on and see no picture but the sound coming, then it may be happening due to the channel being down, so change the channel with your remote control.

If the next channel shows a picture, it means the previous channel has some display problem or broadcasting issue.

So, in this case, you can spend your time streaming some other channel.

Check Power Supply Board

The power supply board is the most important component of the smart tv because it transfers the power supply to different components to work.

If the power supply board is damaged due to a power surge, then tv screen display issues generate. If the power supply board becomes faulty, then you have only the option to replace the power supply board.

I suggest you don’t try this step on your own because there is a very complex system in the tv so hiring a professional tv technician is best for you to replace the faulty board.

Upgrade Your TV System Software

upgrade your tv system software

Nowadays, with modern smart tvs, it’s essential to update your tv software to improve your tv performance.

If you are experiencing a black tv screen with audio, then update your tv software because some apps do not support the expired software.

Normally, it is mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual to update the tv software, but if you have misplaced your manual, then read these points.

  • Navigate to the menu settings on your smart tv.
  • Click System updates.
  • Select Update to the latest software

Make sure your tv is connected to the internet connection when you update the tv software. Hopefully, if the outdated software was the issue, then the tv will display the picture after updating the latest software.

Factory reset

Factory reset is always your last option to bring back the tv screen display because it clears all the glitches and accounts from the tv, and you have to put all teh accounts again on your device.

Normally, a factory reset is done from the menu settings with a remote control, but in this case, this is no picture, so you can not use your remote control.

You can do a factory reset on the TV in this way

  • Take a pin
  • Find a small pinhole on the backside of teh tv.
  • Put the pin in the hole.
  • Long press the pin for 1 minute
  • After one minute, free your hand.
  • The tv will auto-turn off and on.
  • Check your tv is working well.


The last words on this directory are if you are experiencing an issue with your tv that the tv screen goes black, but the sound still works, then restart your tv.

Mostly the tv screen goes black ue to backlight problems, outdated software, faulty cable connections, and power save mode.

If all the tips do not work, then always hire an experienced professional to repair your tv hardware and replace broken cables.

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