Shark vacuum won’t turn on

Shark vacuum won’t turn on. Shark ion robot vacuum is potent evidence of how drastically yet amazingly home appliances have evolved over an era of simultaneous creation.

A rather indifferent phenomenon exists with the creation and advancements in vacuum cleaners’ occurrence, functionality, and characteristics.

The contemporary vacuum cleaner, infamously known as ‘Shark vacuum cleaner,’ is more in style nowadays over the traditional one due to its ‘self-functioning ‘ basis and enhanced features making vacuum experiences as feasible as possible.

However, the more significant advancements bring in more reasons to be careful and issues as obviously the newer technology isn’t a cake for everyone.

Every day confusion, unclarity, and problems would add up! But we are here to bust out this day-to-day agitation for you.

Hold on, as in the following context; we elaborate on one of your most asked queries, ‘ shark vacuum won’t turn on,’ its’s reasons, and how to nip it out utterly.

Shark vacuum won’t turn on

Without exaggeration, a Shark vacuum not turning on could mean quite a list of things( as follows):

Your vacuum not taking any power could mean tons of things:

An unfitting power switch

an unfitting power switch

One basic reason for your “Shark vacuum won’t turn on” according to my experience is a carelessly plugged loose power switch.

A power switch/plug that is loosely attached to a wall socket causes the power cord to be yanked out repeatedly from the power source, turning off the vacuum.

This can also be lethal; hence, ensure your power switch isn’t loose on the socket.

Well! that is quite obvious: without the power switch being plugged in, your power-hungry shark vacuum won’t turn on.

How to fix

Don’t start using your shark vacuum cleaner if the plug is initially loose or becomes loose gradually, as it can cause your vacuum machine’s power system to be damaged, causing it to shut down.

Drained batteries: “For Shark cordless vacuum cleaners”

drained batteries for shark cordless vacuum cleaners

A shark ‘cordless ‘ vacuum may turn off midway through cleaning because it ran out of battery.

The shark vacuums are battery-operated. Without the battery, how would you expect your shark vacuum to turn on!

The shark vacuum battery might be drained out or gotten old with time, figure out the real reason.

Try charging the battery, if it works, that’s good. But if it doesn’t, try getting a new one.

How to fix

Take out the battery and charge it but don’t even let the battery charger be plugged in for too long, so your battery doesn’t overheat and retard.

If it does get retarded, replace the weak battery.

Shark vacuum batteries are readily available at the battery store or shops near you.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Switch

shark vacuum cleaner switch

Your vacuum cleaner wouldn’t sometimes turn on even after attaching the cord because the switch on the vacuum cleaner itself may be turned off.

The feature may be there in the cordless shark vacuum. Most shark vacuums come with a power switch.

Don’t worry; it’s a safety feature. Just check if it’s on or off.

Sometimes, it might occur that the shark vacuum cleaner or shark cordless vacuum won’t turn on even when you try to turn on the switch.

This is because the switch you’re trying to turn on might get burned or loose.

How to fix

Check the switch. If it is turned off, turn it on.

You’ll need to use a new switch if your switch has loosened or is burnt by electrical damage.

Check the thermostat

check the thermostat

For dummies, the thermostat is a current resistor that monitors current flow inversely to the generation of heat; the more significant the heating, the lesser the current flowing.

Shark vacuums luckily have this safety feature on account of which your vacuum cleaner might shut down as well.

But this can be a warning as high electricity consumption might cause your cleaner to overheat because the shark vacuum thermostat won’t allow it to power up.

How to fix

Make sure your vacuum cleaner isn’t moist both internally and externally. If it is overheating, stop using it for the time being and get it checked ASAP.

Circuit breaker triggered

circuit breaker triggered

As explained earlier, overheating may occur in your shark vacuum cleaner.

The circuit breaker breaks the power supply circuit that runs your vacuum cleaner whenever overheating, meaning an electrical surge.

Usually, you’ve to reset the circuit breaker.

It is not that of a big deal, just find the switch which was linked to the socket in which your shark vacuum switch was plugged.

The circuit breaker might have tripped. Just do yourself this favor and turn it on.

If the tripped switch does not turn on and is stuck, you might have to change the switch as well. Quite a pain in the…neck.

How to fix

Try not to use it for the time being. If you use it for a short time, but if it’s rapidly overheating, turn it off immediately.

Before resetting the circuit breaker, get your machine checked. Also, avoid any short-circuiting.

Trapped dirt

trapped dirt

Any previously trapped dust or dirt in the dust cup, for example, or bag-less feature would clog the suction hose, in which case the vacuum cleaner would apply more power and hence force which causes overheating and, as we discussed earlier,’ powering off.

The reason why your shark vacuum won’t turn on also is linked to the accumulation of dust or debris in the dust cup.

If the dust cup if is filled with debris, there will be no work at least from your Shark vacuum.

How to fix

Empty the dirt chamber/hose ( or any dirt container there is).

If there’s a bag, empty it and wash it before replacing it.

Dirty brush

dirty brush

So, let us set a concept here. The rotator brush is one of the essential components of a shark vacuum.

If its function is impaired-which can be by trapped dirt, pet hair, or the brush roll catching something big- then the whole vacuum cleaner would not function.

It won’t power on in the first place.

How to fix

Make sure nothing is entangled or stuck, or no dirt is trapped around this brush. Clean it and replace it carefully.

Clogged air filters

clogged air filters

Air filters trap the dust in the air that gushes through the shark vacuum and sucks dirt and dust.

If these are clogged, force is applied, followed by overheating.

Also, clogged filters hinder the air passage and cause loss of suction of the dirt.

How to fix

Take dirty filters out from time to time and clean them.

Run through them showering water to clear out their mini holes to assist air passage and avoid losing suction.

Overloaded dirt cup

overloaded dirt cup

The dust cup is overfilled and can wreak havoc.

The loose dirt may spill from it and block other components, impairing function, for example, in the motor where it creates friction in internal motor components.

They apply force in vain and end up being burnt, broken, or impaired.

How to fix

Now and then, empty that cup even if it is half-filled or below the maximum fill line.

Clogged dirty hose

clogged dirty hose

A dirt-clogged hose may also be the lil’ ragamuffin your shark vacuum cleaner won’t turn on, again, because of the possible venture of dust into the vacuum machine components.

If the clogged filters or hose pipes are clogged, they won’t let the vacuum cleaners start or turn on! So you need to solve this trouble.

How to fix

Along with the maintenance work, get the hose cleaned too. Use a needle plier or thin plier to open up the hose. If screwed, unscrew it and take it out.

Put the clogged filters or clogged hose and clean it. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth. And also the use of baking soda in the hose, will clean it up.

Suction motor malfunction

suction motor malfunction

Your issue Shark vacuum won’t turn on might somewhat also be connected to the shark vacuum motor.

The suction power motor of your shark vacuum gets ready to be expired now as it gets all worn and torn over time.

A ‘suction shark vacuum motor is specific to suction power.

If it starts malfunctioning by, say, dust trapped inside it or mechanical injuries- it won’t work.

The suction ability of the vacuum cleaner is hindered.

A broken or worn-out component in your vacuum cleaner may also cause it to power off or keep it from turning on.

How to fix

Try keeping your vacuum cleaner internally clean, and don’t be too harsh in locomoting the vacuum cleaner. Don’t bang it into walls, doors, furniture, etc.

Broken wire hose/ components

The wire hose bears all the electrical wires essential to the power supply of the vacuum.

The vacuum won’t turn on if it is broken or the wiring inside it is damaged.

How to fix

Make sure your vacuum cleaner doesn’t run into a mechanical injury.

Handle it with extreme care. Check the hose and its wiring for any possible damages.

Mechanical motor malfunction

mechanical motor malfunction

The mechanical shark motor may be internally damaged, causing a power-up issue for your vacuum cleaner that is, it won’t turn on.

Typically when this happens, your cleaner may be powered on, but it won’t locomote or do mechanical work and the very job it is set to do.

How to fix

If you suspect that your motor is damaged, get it checked by a tech.

Problematic driver belt

problematic driver belt

If your shark vacuum stopped working due to a manufacturing issue, the motor drive belt may be ill-suited to the motor inside your cleaner due to its size.

Due to overuse with the wrong belt size, the belt may be stretched too much and break, or due to an oversized belt, which is loose and drops off from its gears, the faulty motor thermostat might not function, causing the vacuum cleaner not to power on.

How to fix

When buying a new shark vacuum cleaner, try purchasing a mechanically well-designed one alongside a more facilitating one.

Broken roller brush

We’ve already discussed the significance of the functionality of the brush roll.

If you want your vacuum cleaner turned on, you don’t want a broken brush roller.

How to fix

If your brush roll appears broken or acts like it, take it out and replace it immediately yet carefully.

Be cautious about the size of the brush roller you replace, so it doesn’t break the brush hose or impair function.

Damaged power plug

Transportation or any unfortunate incident may cause internal damage to your vacuum cleaner’s power plug.

This cannot always be diagnosed. Also, with a damaged power plug comes the chance of an electric surge that could destroy the machine.

How to fix

Always check the power plug before using your new vacuum cleaner. It won’t be noticeable, so get a tech to check it.

Check the power cord

check the power cord

If your Shark rotator vacuum stopped working, cause maybe An internally damaged power cord can also be unknown, like a damaged power plug.

Additionally, an externally damaged power cord with metal wires exposed and insulation has broken can cause short-circuiting and an electric shock.

Both, if not known, can be the hidden reasons why your vacuum won’t turn on.

How to fix

Do not use your vacuum cleaner if you sense any signs of breakage in the vacuum cord. Also, get the vacuum cord & power outlet checked and removed as necessary. Find out Reset Button to restore power.


Conclusively, there are many ways your vacuum cleaner can go wrong. But to keep it going for long, you need to get the issues fixed as soon as you sense them.

Advance technology, like a new shark vacuum cleaner you just bought, requires you to be extremely touchy about it.

Always buy a well-built vacuum machine from the manufacturers you trust, but check for any manufacturing faults or damaged components. Then work on the maintenance of it regularly.

If you encounter a problem that can’t be easily fixed or is not among the ones mentioned above, you can always contact a technician and check your vacuum cleaner.

As long as you follow this guide, there’s nothing wrong with doing the feasible cleaning with your sweet-running shark vacuum.

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