Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light. We are a part of a generation in which tv plays a widespread role in our daily lives. And considering Samsung as a good tv brand would be justice.

There is no doubt that hunting for good tv is difficult, but hunting for smart tv products is another hurdle.

We look around in a market to get the best tv products then. Samsung provides the best and most innovative tv gadgets with the best quality.

As we all know, Samsung remotes are one of the best remote controls, especially in terms of quality. But like all other technological errors, it can also come up with different errors.

One of the most common errors people often witness with the Samsung tv remote is that it stops working and blinks red light when you finish all the daily chores and are excited to use your favorite streaming apps.

The frustration lands when your remote starts blinking red.

Ahh, the stubborn remote control gives anxiety for sure. But we are here to help you ultimately. You have to figure out the problem.

It would be best if you had to look for why your remote control is acting in a specific manner and not working.

Well, we have listed some reasons along with some common fixes that you can try out to get rid of that stubborn re-light.

Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

The most common reason your Samsung tv remote is not working correctly and blinking red light is hurdles in pairing in the g process.

Sometimes the connection between Samsung’s tv and the remote can get lost.

A losty connection will unpair both devices, then the remote will end up showing a red light, and the remote will stop working. As obvious, repairing both devices will possibly fix many problems.

If you don’t know how to repair your Samsung remote control, you don’t have to move from here to look up the pairing process.

Because we are not only helping you in the identification of the problem of the Samsung remote blinking red. But we are also providing you with the solutions and proper processes.

Go to the solutions to see the detailed and straightforward process of repairing your Samsung smart tv remote.

Faulty batteries – Weak or dead batteries

faulty batteries weak or dead batteries

This looks like a pretty undermined problem, but trust us that your remote can’t work properly without a proper connection to batteries.

So you should check your remote control battery compartment to check the batteries.

Sometimes red blinking light wants to warn its user that weak or dying batteries are not letting your Samsung remote work.

You have to check the battery compartment thoroughly to determine whether the batteries are placed in the proper position.

Well, if you want to check whether your remote control batteries are dead or not.

Then you can remove the batteries from the remote and use them with another device. If they start working on that device, the problem doesn’t persist in the batteries.

You have to check the battery chamber or remotes themselves. But if remote batteries don’t work correctly in other devices, it indicates that you have to replace them.

The battery replacement process is relatively easy, but doing it the right way will save you time. If you want to see the procedure, we have listed the battery replacement steps below.

Rusted Remote Controls Battery chips

rusted remote controls battery chips

If your remote blinks were red, the reason could lie in the rusted remote control battery chips.

A flashing red light indicates that something is wrong with the batteries.

After examining, if you witness that nothing is wrong with the batteries, it means that rust is making its way into the compartment. And the current is unable to pass.

If you witness such a problem, replacing the remote is a pretty normal function that your remote start is communicating correctly. Such a type of remote problem is very common.

Distraction in the IR sensor

distraction in the ir sensor

Distraction in the IR sensor is one of the most common problems.

If your Samsung remote blinks red, the light is because of a distraction in the sensor of the remote and tv.

If something comes in between, then signals will get distracted, and the remote will not be able to function because of the destruction in signals.

If you have infants around them, it is more than most they come in front of the tv to watch it.

This thing makes them a distracting cause, and signals get distracted.

The same goes for the other showpieces and decoration pieces in your living room. If they come in front, then the remote will start blinking red.

Removing the distractions will possibly fix the problem by restoring the connection between the remote and tv.

Defective Remote control – Broken or chopped

defective remote control broken or chopped

If your Samsung remote blinks red, then maybe your remote is broken or chopped.

You must have to check if your remote is in good condition or not.

If you see something broken in your remote, then we recommend you a replacement Samsung remote control because replacement of Samsung control would become compulsory.

Stuck buttons

stuck buttons

Sometimes remote buttons can make things faulty. If your remote is blinking red, then it could be caused by its buttons.

Sometimes remote is not entirely broken, and the problem only lies in its button.

Check its up button and power cycle button, mainly Because we mostly use these buttons to work up.

If you see anything disturbing those buttons, thoroughly cleaning them will fix the problem.

Take a damp and soft cloth to clean the stuck buttons.


Reboot the Device

The most common and effective fix you have to try is rebooting the devices. It is always the best idea to reboot the device before diving into more complicated fixes.

Suppose you have tried everything and examined everything about the remote and Samsung tv.

Then, in the end, you came to know that solution was rebooting the remote and tv.

Ahh, that’s going to give you anxiety for sure. So always going for the most straightforward fixes first will prevent you from unwanted anxiety.

To reboot your device, you have to turn off your Samsung tv and turn it back on after waiting at least ten seconds.

Try this simple method, as this method solves many problems related to remote control and TVs.

Factory resetting Remote Control

factory resetting remote control

If your Samsung smart tv remote is not working, or blinking red light, then Factory resetting your Samsung smart tv remote control can fix many problems.

If you don’t know how to Factory your tv remote, then you don’t have to panic, as this is an easy process.

But easy processes don’t stay easy when information is incomplete.

Well, we are here to tell you how you can perfectly Factory reset your remote control.

  • Press the keys: you have to press and hold two keys of your remote, “B” and “C.”
  • Hold The keys: After pressing and holding them, keep holding them until your remote control’s light properly starts flashing on the screen twice a time.
  • Insert a Code: When you see flashing lights twice on the screen, you must insert a code. If you don’t know the code, don’t panic, as the default code for factory settings for the Samsung remote control is “981”. Press 981 from your remote control.
  • Remote is ready to use: Pressing 981 will reset your remote control, which is ready to use and function properly.

Re-pairing Your Samsung Tv

re pairing your samsung tv

Sometimes when our Samsung tv stops communicating directly with the tv remote, the Samsung tv remote will not work and will end up blinking red light.

If the problem comes this way due to a communication problem, then retraining the communication will fix the problem.

You can communicate the Samsung smart tv with Samsung remote control by repairing it through a proper process.

To repair the devices, you must follow the most straightforward steps. Before going up the steps, you may have to use two apps or maybe one of them.

So it would be best if you would arrange both apps before starting the process.

The first app is the Samsung SmartThings app, and the other one is the Remote app.  You should install the Smartthings app properly to continue with the process.

Step 1: Turn the Samsung Tv ON

The first step you have to take is to turn the Samsung tv on so you can go forward with the most straightforward process of Re-pairing your Samsung smart tv with a Samsung remote control.

Step 2: Press THE Pairing Button

After turning the tv ON, locate the pairing button from your remote control and hold it for 3 seconds until it sends a pairing signal to the tv.

Step 3: Select Menu Icon

When the pairing signal is sent successfully on the Samsung tv, then check the “MENU” icon on the home screen of your Samsung tv.

Step 4: Select Bluetooth

From the MENUE, select Bluetooth and click on the remote and battery icon to start pairing your Samsung smart tv with your mobile phone.

This process will pair your Samsung Tv with a Samsung TV remote.

Replacing the remote’s batteries

replacing the remote's batteries

If you are facing problems with your remote control, its batteries could be faulty.

When you are done examining your batteries, and your batteries are declared weak or dead, then replacing them is the only solution.

Here are three easy steps that you can follow to install new batteries.

Step 1: Locate the battery compartment

First, Locate the battery compartment. Turn your remote control. On its backside, you will see an arrow that indicates the direction to open the cover of the battery compartment.

Flip the cover in the suggested arrow direction. It will reveal the battery compartment.

Step 2: Remove weak or dead batteries

When the battery compartment reveals, then remove weak and dead batteries from the battery compartment.

Step 3: Install new batteries

After removing batteries, now install two aa batteries in the proper directions.

We recommend using lithium-ion batteries because they work more efficiently than standard alkaline batteries.

After installing the fresh batteries, reverse the process by sticking the back cover, and then try using your remote control.

We hope that installing new batteries will fix the job.


Remember that the battery replacement process can unpair the remote control from the Samsung tv, so make sure you pair your remote before using it.

We recommend you shift to rechargeable batteries as they are more reliable and environmentally friendly than normal ones.


If your Samsung tv remote is not working and blinking red light, then you have to look for its causes that why Samsung is behaving in this specific manner.

There is no doubt about the performance of Samsung tabs and gadgets related to this brand. Because Samsung always served the best quality.

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