Samsung dryer won’t turn off

Samsung dryer won’t turn off. Samsung is a brand that owns a name because of its reliable and long-lasting appliances. We are sure that you must own a couple of Samsung household appliances.

It’s a worldly thing that an appliance may start generating problems by not working properly. Like we are talking about a Samsung dryer that may get defective and causes your headache.

As a Samsung dryer is an essential machine for any person, what will be your reaction if your Samsung dryer won’t turn off? Ah! It must be a sorrowful feeling while doing laundry.

Well, we are here to comfort you by saying that we have some troubleshooting tips for you that may assist you in diagnosing the problem with accurate solutions.

Samsung dryer won’t turn off

Troubleshooting Samsung Dryer Not Turning OFF Issue

If you are experiencing an issue of won’t turning OFF your Samsung dryer, then some reasons suppose to be fixed to get your flawless dryer back.

Please take a deep breath to calm yourself, then let’s start tackling your Samsung dryer without wasting any time.

Inspect Wrinkle Prevent Cycle

inspect wrinkle prevent cycle

If your Samsung dryer cannot stop even while you open the Samsung dryer door, but the dryer is still spinning, then there may be a reason for turning On the wrinkle-prevent cycle.

If you are unaware of that option, let me explain it. When you are doing laundry and putting the clothes into the dryer, you must take out the clothes when the cycle ends.

If you forget to take out clothes, it may cause an unpleasant outcome. For example, you may find your clothes a lot wrinkled. That must be a frustrating thing.

As Samsung keeps a concerned eye on its cherished user’s problems, that is why to avoid this kind of situation, it added the wrinkle-prevent cycle.

So, it is very beneficial for people who are busy as bees because when they do laundry, they don’t need to take out clothes immediately from the dryer for fear of wrinkled clothes.

They turned on the feature that keeps spinning another cycle automatically after completing one spin cycle to keep away wrinkles from clothes.

To resolve this issue, you must check whether the wrinkle-prevent button’s indication light is turned On. You may press the button to shut it off if you find it on.

Deactivate Dryer’s Timer

deactivate dryer's timer

Here is another reason that may be a culprit for your Samsung dryer’s disturbed functionality. A dryer timer is a consequential element of your Samsung dryer.

If it gets defective or burnt, it may affect the working of the dryer and the timer motor.

Another thing for a dryer timer responsible is for commanding the power through the dryer.

When you start the spin cycle, a timer motor works as a clock that slowly moves on the control board to the Off-side. After completing the cycle, it turns off the dryer.

But when it burnt or got damaged, it may cause of won’t turn off your dryer. Then, the only thing that remains as a solution is replacing the dryer timer device.

Required Tools

It will help if you have a set of needle nose pliers & Nut driver.

To inspect the timer component, follow the steps

  • Firstly, shut off the power source of the Samsung dryer.
  • Flick off the circuit breaker to avoid any electric shock.
  • If you own a gas dryer, you must shut off the gas supply before accessing the timer device.
  • So, to disclose the timer department of the dryer, you must detach the giant knob at the forefront of the dryer.
  • You may find the component at the top of the dryer’s panel. If you cannot access it, you may get help from the manual as the timer spot varies per model number.
  • Now, you must detach the connected wires. It would be better to remember the wires’ connection as you need to connect them again accurately.
  • After removing the timer from its housing, you must inspect any physical damage.
  • If you suspect any damage, you must replace the defective timer with a new one.
  • Repeat the same procedure for reconnecting as you have done for detaching.


Ensure to buy the new timer according to your dryer models.

Examine The Moisture Sensor

examine the moisture sensor

Like the wrinkle prevent feature, there is another marvelous component in the dryer, which is the moisture sensor. The moisture sensor is a pretty intellectual component.

Usually, the moisture sensor detects the moisture in the clothes, then turns off the spinning cycle when it detects no dampness.

It doesn’t care about the cycle time; it only takes responsibility for shutting off the spinning after monitoring no moisture.

In contrast, if the sensor gets defective or catches dust, it may hassle sensing the moisture. So, it might be a cause of your dryer won’t stop issue because of difficulty sensing moisture.

Follow The instruction to access the moisture sensors.

  • If you want to resolve the issue, it’s essential to get an approach to the moisture sensors in your dryers.
  • To access the moisture sensor, look into the drum; you may find two metal bars close to the lint filter.
  • Now, it’s time to remove the dirt using a damp towel.
  • It would be better to use warm soapy water. It is also a better option if you want to use rubbing alcohol.
  • After that, you must use a dry towel or a lint-free piece of cloth to clean the soapy remnant.
  • After completing the moisture sensor cleaning task, you may test whether the dryer is competently working or not.

If it doesn’t work, you may look at the other components before replacing the moisture sensor.

Inspect Motor Relay On The Control Board

inspect motor relay on the control board

If you are still experiencing the won’t turn Off Samsung dryer, another reason may cause your worries.

To save yourself from unnecessarily high energy bills, you must examine whether the motor relay on the control board is jammed or worn out.

A jammed relay switch on the ON position can’t get the transmitted signals from the control board.

So, electricity passes via the door switch to the dryer motor whenever you close the door.

To diagnose the issue, you may go through the steps given below

  • Firstly, you must disconnect the power cable.
  • Please pull it towards you to get access behind the dryer.
  • Now you have to remove the control panel mounting screws.
  • It would be best if you turned over the control panel to get easy access through the control board.
  • A glance at the bottom right of the circuit board; you may find the relay switch there.
  • Now, you must inspect the board for any burnt marks.
  • Look at the behind of the board to see if there are any burnt pins.
  • In case of dark spots, you can get an idea of the defective switch cause of improper dryer functioning.

Two Solutions For Malfunctioned Relay

  • If you find your relay switch needs a replacement and think you can tackle the soldering iron tasks, you may follow the simple steps to get a new relay replacement.
  • On the other hand, then it would be better to replace the entire control board. It may help you avoid diagnosing other issues related to the control board.

You may go in any direction to fix your problem as we will explain both the procedure of replacing the relay on the control board and the replacement of the entire control board, but before we suggest to continue diagnosing.

Steps To Replace The Worn Out Relay

  • You already know the steps you can follow to access the control board.
  • Now, detach all the cables and connectors attached to the circuit board.
  • Now access the back of the panel and remove the dark burnt area.
  • Take the soldering iron and connect the solder to the pins.
  • Reach the cables and connectors and place the circuit board.
  • Attach the control panel and tighten the screws well.

Examine The PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

examine the pcb (printed circuit board)

If you feel that the PCB of your Samsung dryer defected, then it might be a reason for the malfunctioned dryer.

To inspect the problem, you may follow the instruction given below

  • Firstly, you must disconnect the power source of your dryer. Shut Off the gas supply of gas dryers.
  • Access the control panel behind your dryer and remove it by unscrewing it.
  • Take a scrutinizing look at the circuit board and inspect any damage.
  • If you find visually burnt marks on your metal panel, your dryer requires a PCB replacement.
  • But, it could be possible that your PCB has any invisible damage.
  • In case of an invisible issue, it would be better to disconnect the cables by unlocking the locking tabs.
  • After taking out all the wires, connect them again. It’s a little trick that can help you to fix the issue.

Replacing Steps of PCB

  • In case of a defective PCB, you may replace it.
  • Take out all the cables and loosen the screws of the control board.
  • Detach the old PCB from the mounted rack and place the new control board.
  • Ensure that you have correctly positioned it on the racks, and then with a little force, lock it on the slots and tighten it with screws.
  • After that, you can attach the wire connectors with the new component.
  • Positioned the back panel and tightened it with screws.

Examine the working by enabling the power source.


You may click a picture with your camera phone to attach them again in the correct sequence.

Inspect The Door Switch

inspect the door switch

So, here is another mundane issue that may cause your dryer to keep running. It is an easy and quick fix related to the door switch.

It’s a tiny plastic component that is used to stop the dryer when the dryer door is open.

It could be white or black. It loses its sense of closed or open doors when it gets defective.

To fix the mechanism, you must approach the switch of your Samsung dryer. You may easily find it somewhere attach to the door.

Usually, when you close the door, the switch button gets in and transmits the closed door signal. But in case of any harm or broken switch, it is disabled to transmit any signal.

There are two outputs of the damaged switch. Sometimes, it doesn’t allow the dryer to start the cycle, and in some cases, it doesn’t stop spinning.

Replacing the switch is not an arduous task. You may do the job by just using a screwdriver.

You may replace it by detaching the top panel of your dryer. Ensure to test after replacement.

Further Solutions You May Check

Here are a few more things as additional fixes that you may try to make your dryer’s proper working. Let’s check out.

Check The Air Flow

So, you must check the dryer vent for any clog disturbing the dryer’s working. The clogging prevents the airflow from passing through the dryer, which expands the spinning time.

So, it would be best to check the dryer’s venting system and remove any blockage once a year.

Check the Gas Valve Solenoid

check the gas valve solenoid

The quantity of gas valve solenoid coils depends on the model number you own. It might be twice or more.

The gas valve solenoids open the gas valve ports and enable the gas flow to pass through the burner assembly.

If the gas solenoids get defective, it may be possible that your dryer may not heat up properly. It may result in the form of continuous dryer runnings.

You must analyze the igniter to check the gas valve solenoid and whether these are fine or defective. If the igniter illuminates and turns off but is disabled to illuminate the gas, it’s a sign of a problem.

You have to analyze whether only one solenoid coil is defective or more. It would be better to replace coupled coils to resolve this issue.

Check The Blower Wheel

check the blower wheel

The blower wheel is responsible for inhaling air from the dryer and forcing out the air from the vent.

The bunch of lint and tiny particles from the clothes run away from the lint filter but are imprisoned in the blower wheel.

This component condition may cause a burnt or broken blower wheel sleeve. After that, the blower wheel wobbles the upper surface of the motor shaft.

As a result, the dryer extends the drying process, and the cause won’t stop the dryer. To inspect the wheel’s working, you must detach the vent and examine the airflow pressure.

If you suspect dull air flow, you must check the blower wheel for any blockage or interference. You may manually spin the wheel if you find no interference.

Inspect The Lint Filter

inspect the lint filter

So, another thing you have to check to resolve the issue is the lint filter.

Ensure no residue from dryer sheets and fabric conditioner is left on the lint filter. You have to remove the blockage from the lint filter.

Check Heating Element or Assembly

So, the heating element and the assembly are responsible for warming the air before it gets into the dryer drum.

With time, one of them gets defective or burnt.

A burnt heating element or defective heating assembly may cause extra time to dry clothes compared to the normal cycle.

You may use a multimeter to inspect the heating element or heating element assembly.

Check The Cycling Thermostat

check the cycling thermostat

The cycling thermostat is responsible for monitoring the air temperature by turning On and Off the heat in the dryer.

Sometimes it may cause trouble, but it would be better to check the other commonly defective parts before replacing the cycling thermostat.

After assuring the other components are efficiently working, you may consider replacing the item.

Ensure that you purchase the element according to your model number. If you cannot get a solution, then contact samsung dryer support.

Bottom Line

This article has intensely discussed the solutions to fix your dryer issue. After this guideline, you may be able to resolve the issue of the Samsung dryer won’t turn off.

You must pay attention while diagnosing the issue. Keep yourself safe while tackling your electrical and gas dryer.

If you are not comfortable while doing troubleshooting, you may contact a repair person. In case of significant seriousness, buying a new dryer would be a better decision.

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