Samsung dryer not heating

Ever wonder how your amazing Samsung dryer magnificently dries all your clothes will an effort that seems to be too little.

I’m sure you might have an idea of how it works.

The Samsung dryer is one of a kind, an advanced multitasking technological device that literally helps you cut the slack in a way that you just have to throw your clothes in, and there you go, all your clothes dried in a minute or less.

But sometimes the best things can go bad, even a machine gets tired! when you have to face the issue of “Samsung dryer not heating”

Samsung dryer not heating

If you’re keeping a dryer, you know that the modern dryer works as it gets heat from an electric source. The heat allows the water and the moisture to evaporate increasing the kinetic energy of water molecules. And thus, the dryer heats up.

Suddenly one day, you throw your clothes in your Samsung dryer and doom! It doesn’t heat up. Now guys that is the point where you need to worry.

The Samsung dryer not heating properly issue will definitely cause a problem and won’t dry your clothes and that you do not want my friends.

Possible reasons for this issue

Having an issue with the Samsung dryer not heating up comes up with different reasons that might include:

  • Watch out for the dryer heating element
  • Thermal vents aren’t cleaned and clogged
  • Thermistor might be the troublemaker
  • A failed heater relay control panel
  • Punctuated power supply

These are some most common reasons that might be the cause of trouble. The derived reasons will come up with the solutions of course, because I have come up with the potential reasons for this problem along with how to treat or solve that issue with the right techniques.

Samsung dryer heating elementsamsung dryer heating element

A Samsung dryer heating element is mostly the reason you aren’t able to clean your laundry and you have nothing to wear on the upcoming Monday, sounds like a disaster to me!

The first thing you should look out for when your Samsung dryer does not heat up is your burnt heating element. Believe me, according to the statistics 9/10 of the dryer heater not working problem will be because of the heating element which might have burned or broken.

Look! the heating effect to the dryer comes from the heating element that is placed in your dryer which is connected to an electric source.

When an electric supply is passed through the heating element, the element heats up and this heating will cause the clothes to dry up.

Sometimes, the thing that happens with the heating element is, that it heats a lot and might break or gets damaged resulting in a burnt heating element.

You might be thinking how in the world would you get to know whether it’s the heating element. Then let me tell you the most vivid signs.

For that purpose, you need to first reach out to the Samsung dryer heating element, using a multimeter, and check out thermal cut off fuse and the resistance of the element, if it is 10 ohms then you are good to go if not then it’s confirmed you’ve got a burned heating element.

What to do

  • Get access to the heating element of your Samsung dryer.
  • Shut the power down to stay ALIVE!
  • Keep the Samsung dryer guide with you to help you out, you know you aren’t a machine expert!
  • Later remove the back panel which covers the internal drying system. Reaching out to the heating panel won’t be an easy task but once you have the access, with the help of a flashlight or a torch checkout for the burnt marks or dark spots that might be present if the element was burned.
  • Now the best thing you can do is to change with new heating element if it’s damaged or broken.
  • Samsung dryer’s heating element is easily available. So getting one won’t be a problem.
  • Changing the heating element is probably the best remedy for this trouble as it cannot be repaired.

Thermal vents aren’t cleaned and cloggedthermal vents aren’t cleaned and clogged

A reason why you are facing the Samsung dryer not heating trouble is also due to the thermal vents or Thermal ducts. There may be a clogged dryer vent.

Thermal vents are placed within the machine or placed behind them into the walls. The thing is if the lint filter and thermal vents are clogged with dirt, dust, or other stuff then how do you expect the heat to reach its destination.

To maintain the right air temperature, dryers have cycling thermostat that turns some of the heat on and off over a certain time period in order to maintain a specific internal air temperature.

The heating element sends the heat all and concentrates the heat into the drying chamber through which the clothes dry.

There are basically two types of vents, an internal one that connects the dryer and sends hot air to the dryer drum.

This hot air is the reason your electric dryer dries your clothes and the other is an external vent that maintains the cold air flow from outside to the heating element housing moreover this cold air gets converted into hot air and this heated air goes straight to the dryer drum.

If both the vents aren’t cleaned properly with time, the heater won’t work as the thermal vents will be clogged with dust and other small fabric.

This will cause a hindrance in the flow of heat and your Samsung dryer won’t turn on.

What to do

  • Of course, you need to do some cleaning of the thermal vents. That neglected cleaning of yours will definitely pose an issue in the future, didn’t you know that?
  • First, you must keep the Samsung dryer manual along with you to guide you with the location of these vents.
  • Mostly in Samsung dryers, the ventilation hose is placed behind a separate panel. You need to remove that panel and check to see which ventilation pipe connects to the dryer. Once the pipe is located, use a common or Phillip screwdriver to open the screws.
  • Mostly what happens is that some fabric from clothes along with other unwanted stuff gets accumulated in the ventilation hose. Clean the pipes up using baking soda. Baking soda will help you remove all the dust or other unwanted little particles very efficiently or thermal fuse.
  • This was a better solution and a cost-effective one, there are many other ways to clean the ventilation hose as well.

Mr. Thermistor might be the troublemakerthermistor might be the troublemaker

Well, the Samsung dryer comes with a very innovative implementation and that is a thermistor or you may call it a thermal fuse.

You must know what a thermistor is, most of you know about it but for the ones who don’t let me guide you.

A thermistor or thermal fuse is a type of shock absorber and in other words, I call it “The sacrificial organ”. As the name suggests it breaks out, burns, or fuses off if the faulty heating element gets too hot, or hotter than the normal dryer temperature.

It absorbs all the heat and dies saving the whole system. Instead of the whole system, only this thermal fuse burns and fusses.

If you have a burnt thermal fuse then know, that a faulty or burnt thermistor will cause trouble and your dryer might not heat up.

What to do

  • It’s all the same, open up the panel from the back of the dryer and use a multimeter to check whether you have a faulty thermal fuse or not.
  • The resistance reading for a normal and fully functional thermostat or thermal fuse should be o.1 to 0.5 ohms. Now if the reading differs, it means that the thermal fuse is faulty.
  • Open the back panel, and locate the thermal fuse, mostly in the Samsung dryer the thermal fuse is placed near the heating element housing.
  • Remove the blown thermal fuse using the screwdriver
  • Place a new thermistor or thermal fuse because a thermistor is a one-time using tool, you cannot repair it. So, adding a new one and replacing it with the old one is the only option.

A failed heater relay controller

Your “Samsung dryer not heating” might also be due to a faulty control board heater relay.

A Samsung dryer has a huge controlling panel with some super cool features and options that come in with the latest technology. Your heating relay is also accessed through the control board panel.

And you can adjust the heat to your requirements which can be adjusting the relay to a low, medium, or high heat. But sometimes, this control board heater relay fails due to an internal issue, it might happen due to the fact that over time, the wires wear and tear and are damaged.

This might cause the heating panel to fuse or damage and the control board for the heater relay stops doing its job.

The Samsung dryers then don’t heat up if the heater relay cannot be accessed due to a broken control panel.

What to do

  • Usually, the control board when gets damaged can be repaired by you as well but the convenient way is to replace it. Giving your Samsung dryer a brand-new relay as a present won’t hurt your pocket, or will it? Just kidding.
  • All the same, open the front panel placed at the top, unmount the screws and remove the wires and electrodes. Take out the control panel for the heat relay and replace it with the new one.
  • Put the screws back on and the panel as well, and check if the control panel works fine. If it does, then you’re good to go.

Punctuated power supply

We all know that a machine needs a specific amount of current to drive itself and without the proper amount of electricity and volts it requires, it will be hard for the machine to do its job. Thus, with an improper power supply, believe me, your Samsung dryers will refuse to do their job.

The heating element requires a specific amount of electric current to generate enough heat to dry your clothes, not more, not less.

Now the Samsung dryer is built with a 2-phase power supply system that gives around 240 Volts of current to the heating element. This means that a single-phase provides around 120 V of current.

These electric phases are connected to 2 circuit breakers. The issue arises when one of the circuit breakers trips or fails to provide current.

If this happens, the heating element will not get the adequate amount of power it needs to heat up, it will get half of it. This will lead to the “not heating “issue and the dryer won’t work.

What to do

  • The circuit breaker has many wires leading to different appliances.
  • Figure out the switch that holds the wire to your dryer. Usually, due to a turbulent flow of current or power fluctuation, these circuit breaker trips off. If it is tripped, turn it back on.
  • If it keeps on tripping then there might be some issue with your electrical connectivity or the system.

How to replace high limit thermostat Samsung dryer?

Winding up

Problems keep happening and are a part of life. Even the most reliable things like your Samsung dryer may sometimes fail and cause you a headache.

Samsung is no doubt an amazing brand that allows you to have the best experience by providing you with reliability and efficiency.

On some Samsung dryers, there may be multiple gas valve solenoid coils. These gas dryer coils are responsible for making sure that the gas valve opens properly to let gas flow to the burner.

Samsung dryer is an amazing addition to your home appliances, but most of the time they fail to work and stop heating.

The reasons are variable, issues with moisture sensor, clogged vent, dryer’s control panel, wire terminals, heater element, vent lines, heating coil, temperature sensor, electrical connector, poor ventilation and thermal cut off switch.

Another commonly unlisted piece would be the “flame sensor”. In gas dryers, this device measures the amount of heat emitted by the burner.

If you’ve exhausted the other options, you can try troubleshooting your system by replacing the main control board.

If you can figure out the root cause of the not heating problem and implement the above solutions suggested by your truly “Me”.

I’m sure you will be able to get through this trouble of the Samsung dryer not heating and get your Samsung dryer working up and doing its job efficiently again soon.

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