Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking. We always try to update put living style with a different types of gadgets that make our life convenient. Investing in gadgets that help us daily is going to be the best.

When we come out from a hectic day of work, then the first thing that we focus on is eating and cooking.

But when you try your favorite recipe, its aftermath is even messier with the dirty dishes.

Well, no one wants to wash dirty dishes, so due to this reason, people love investing in dishwashers. But hurdles start when you hunt for the best dishwasher brands available.

If we talk about good dishwasher brands, then Samsung makes its way to the top of good dishwasher brands.

Samsung dishwashers are vast in their technologies. They tend to enhance the quality of their dishwasher with innovative technology.

Samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking

Samsung dishwashers come with a light indicator. That indicator replaces the display panel and uses indication lights to send a message.

If you own a Samsung dishwasher, it will use different lights to show you the error codes. Different combination of lights indicates different messages.

If your Samsung dishwasher is heavy-light blinking, you don’t have to panic a lot because heavy light blinking shows that the Samsung dishwasher is trying to show up a specific type of massage.

Well, if you don’t know about the hidden messages behind the Samsung dishwasher. Then our experts have summed up all the reasons in this article.

8 Causes and Fixes

samsung dishwasher heavy light blinking needs an identification process in which you can identify the reasons behind the heavy light blinking.

This process will help you fix the dishwasher fails so that your dishwasher can prevent future worst failures.

Cause 1: Excessive Water supply

excessive water supply

As we know, there are possibly many issues that lead to a heavy light blinking of the Samsung dishwasher.

One of the most common issues is the overloaded water supply.

When excessive water makes its way to the dishwasher, it shows heavy light to warn its users and is a general water supply error.

If you want to stop that heavy flashing light that can trigger your experience, you have to fix the issue.

To solve this problem thoroughly, drain the water through the pipes and fill the washer tub again to repeat the process.

If you feel any problem draining, the drainage pump is making hurdles. It would be best if you shifted to the next cause.

Also, thoroughly examine the water supply valve because correct troubleshooting leads to correct results so that the error code returns and we can start using the dishwasher smoothly.

Cause 2: Drainage issues

Excessive water leads to drainage issues. Heavy lights mostly blink because of drainage issues.

Inspect the overall drain, including drain hose, drain sump, drain pump, and the drain base.

Cause 3: Water Leakage

water leakage

The leakage problem is a way more complicated problem that needs instant attention. But first, you have to check whether your dishwasher is leaking.

To examine the leakage, run a normal cycle with the dishwasher full of water. When the cycle starts, you can identify which side is leaking.

Remember that whenever you witness leakage, immediately turn the power circuit breaker off without wasting time.

Turn the power of Your Samsung dishwasher entirely off so that you can examine the leak and fix it without any Danger of Current.

Cause 4: Interrupted drain connection

interrupted drain connection

Checking the dishwasher’s drain connection is one of the most critical steps.

Samsung dishwasher contains a case break sensor that examines the low water level error and sends an error code in the form of heavy light blinking.

When your Samsung dishwasher identifies the problem, it sends activation signals to the drainage pump.

So you must check the connections of the drain to see if they’re working correctly or not.

Check the drain hose, dishwasher touch sensor, and dishwasher’s drain connection.

If they are working correctly and the same problem persists, you should check on the next step.

Cause 5: Rising Temperature of the Samsung dishwasher

rising temperature of the samsung dishwasher

When the water temperature level of your Samsung dishwasher goes significantly up to its normal level, then Samsung starts warning you by blinking heavy light.

Low-level water and temperature level problems are the most important, standard, and dangerous problems.

Temperature problems are the problems that we can’t ignore.

If something goes up or down with the temperature or components related to the temperature, the Samsung system will end up blinking heavy lights.

If the Samsung dishwasher temperature increases, you must remove all the water from the dishwasher.

After removing the water, fill the dishwasher tub again and try running it through a normal wash cycle.

Cause 6: Faulty Heater

faulty heater

Sometimes the heater of your Samsung dishwasher can act weirdly if you feel that the reasons behind the hard blinking lights of your Samsung dishwasher lie in the heater getting defective.

Then you must follow the three-step procedure we have listed for faulty thermocouple and temperature sensors.

The dishwasher’s heavy lights indicate a heater error that needs immediate action. Also, checking up on the control board will help identify the problem.

Cause 7: Faulty thermocouple temperature sensor

faulty thermocouple temperature sensor

Temperature problems Will produce fault in the temperature sensor .faulty temperature sensor indicates a severe problem that needs immediate fixture.

Well, following easy steps is the quickest fixture you have to try.

  • Step 1: Empty the washer

The first step that you have to do is to empty the washer. Remove all the water from the washer by blocking the water supply so you can follow up on the process.

  • Step 2: Add a washing washer

After removing the water, run a normal cycle by adding any Samsung dishwasher soap you have at that time.

  • Step 3: Restart Your Dishwasher

After adding the dishwasher, Restart your Dishwasher and run a normal cycle.

We hope that this process will fix the problems related to the temperature sensor. If the problem doesn’t persist in the temperature sensor them the heavy lights, then no worries, we have other ways To fix the problem.

Cause 8: Clogged Filter

clogged filter

Sometimes the problem could lie in the clogged filters of the dishwasher.

If your Samsung dishwasher is flashing quick light or if your washer stops mid-cycle, you must look for the reasons.

And the reason could be a filter that gets clogged. Cleaning the drain filters can fix the job.

But if you feel stuck anytime, you should request service for the dishwasher, and contacting the support center is recommended.

Basic Inspection

Inspect the leakage

When you feel something is leaking out of your Samsung dishwasher, you must check the leakage.

Fill your dishwasher with the water supply and thoroughly examine the leakage by running your washer through a NORMAL cycle.

When you see drainage leakage, don’t forget to seal it immediately. But you need prior knowledge of sealing your Samsung dishwasher.

When we think that heavy dishwasher light blinking, the reason is that the leak sensor detects leakage that needs prior attention.

We recommend that if you don’t know about sealing up or covering the leakage, then seeking professional help would be best.

Examine the Hoses

examine the hoses

Water problems lead to drain issues. You must check the drain hose and drain pump if you feel any drain issues.

Check all the hoses, and you will be in case of a problem.

It would help to examine its hoses when you feel that normal and smart auto lights are blinking because of the heavy water supply flow.

Checking the drain hose and fixing the problem related to the drain hose will fix the dishwasher’s heavy-light blinking issue.

Check Garbage disposal

check garbage disposal

Check the garbage disposal because sometimes, when Samsung dishwashers light blink, and you also witness some noise, the reason could lie in the garbage disposal.

They can cause a disturbance when you recently installed them.

If you connected the disposal quite recently, then it is more than possible that remove the garbage disposal cap as it can fix the heavy light blinking.

Examine the detergent Dispenser

examine the detergent dispenser

The next thing you can check is detergent disposal. Detergent disposal can get filled due to different errors.

When you can’t examine that your detergent disposals are filled, then your Samsung dishwasher starts blinking heavy lights to warn you to solve the problem.

Lights also indicate that when an extra amount of detergent drops outside the detergent disposal, the Samsung dishwasher will end up blinking heavy lights.

So cleaning out the excessive detergent will most probably fix the heavy blinking lights

Check the placement of your dishwasher

Sometimes the placement of your dishwasher matter a lot. When the bracket in which we put our dishwasher is not in a good size, then the problem persists.

If your dishwasher failed to operate correctly and led to flashing hard lights, you have to inspect the placement of the Samsung dishwasher. If you can’t get any good results, then contact Samsung support for better results.


Samsung is a good brand in terms of buying a dishwasher. There is no doubt about the performance and quality of the Samsung dishwasher. But suppose the water in the dishwasher goes up.

In that case, the control panel immediately detects something is going wrong with the Samsung dishwasher when the panel detects Samsung’s dishwasher’s heavy light blinking smart auto and heavy light.

When such a problem persists, you must look for the causes.

We have listed many possible reasons and solutions that you can follow up on and eliminate the Samsung dishwasher’s heavy light blinking.

This is the only read you need to fix your problems with the Samsung dishwasher’s heavy light.

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