Pit boss erl code

Pit boss erl code. People are going crazy about the smoker box as they’re going viral these days for their functionality. But we know that investing in a smoker boy is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. So, you have to be extra careful before making this investment.

When we roam around to go for the best smoker box available in the market, the B box smoker throws a big tantrum because this is the best.

If you have a pit box smoker, you may sometimes witness some errors in code. Where these pit Boss error codes are, two indicate some problem related to the smoker box.

One of the most common pit boss error codes that shows up on the pit Boss smoker is the pit Boss ERL code.

If your pet box smoker also shows an ERL error code, you don’t have to burn your head as many fit box useful boxes this code.

But this type of code ERL is trying to indicate something and will frustrate you. If you want to get rid of such ERL CODE, you must go through why it is showing up. ERL code.

Because identification leads to the solution, well, we are here to tell you different ways through which you can identify why your actual code is showing up on your pit Boss smoker.

We will also tell you how you can use this ERL error code.

Pit boss erl code

ERL Code Means

erl code means

When you witness an ERL error code on your display screen of the pit Boss smoker, it indicates something wrong with the temperature sensor of the smoker.

The temperature sensor works to transfer temperature orders to the smoker box.

The primary connection between the controller and the smoker box. If hurdles come in between, it could create a big mess.

Reason 1: Temperature Malfunction

Temperature probes are Chambers installed to connect and monitor different temperature signals and control them in a way that helps star smokers and pit Boss grill to work efficiently.

But if something goes wrong with the internal temperature sensor, it can stop the connection, and the smoker box will stop working properly.

Now we have to go through why temperature probe stars are working properly. In the world, there could be many possible reasons that leave temperature probes malfunction.

  • Dirty Temperature Probe

dirty temperature probe

Well, if we talk about the essential reason that could lead to the malfunctioning temperature probe, then it is dirt in the temperature probe.

If the pit Boss grill shows Erl error, then dirt is making its way onto the temperature sensors.

  • The functionality of the Temperature probe

When we start the pit Boss grill, it gives functions to the pit boss pellet grill so that they can burn and start firing upon their function. Keep on continuing until the cooking starts.

It is evident if the temperature probe stops working and transforms its signals into the cooking chamber. And due to this, the pit boss grill will discontinue feeding more pellets, and the temperature new probe will not make its way.

When the temperature does not send pit boss grills temperature readings, this leads to the shutting down of the smoker or grill box because of not getting the desired temperature.

Reason 2: Damaged pit boss Control board

damaged pit boss control board

The problem in the temperature probes damages the bad control board. So you should thoroughly check the pit boss control board and whether that temperature probe is working properly or not.

For any damage to the thermostat control board, you have to immediately set it up to prevent yourself from any worse situation. in such a situation, a controller determines whether you have to replace the control board or not.

As buying replacement parts are expensive, you can also go for the guarantee. The Option is for those with a guaranteed option available with their smoker box grills.

But suppose your smoker box is old, and you don’t have a guarantee.

In that case, You must contact the manufacturer or any other supplier that supplies the smoker box’s components and attach the new control board on controller demand.

Reason 3: Bad internal thermometer

bad internal thermometer

If the grill’s temperature is not working properly, the reason could lie in the probe wire or damp pellet smoker, but the most common error code problem is the bad internal temperature probe, which causes the low flame problem.

in such a situation, you have to thoroughly check whether the burning pod is connected properly or not.

6 Basic Identification Steps

We will go through the essential identification base to check if your smoker box is working correctly.

  • Step 1: Disconnect the Smoker Box

disconnect the smoker box

The first step that you have to do is to switch down the grill smoker by disconnecting it from the power outlet.

  • Step 2: Cool down the Smoker Box

After disconnecting the smoker box, you have to cool it down simply. A smoker box cools down and then shifts to the next step

  • Step 3: Examine Loose Wires

Now at this point, you have to examine any disconnected connections. In case of disconnected temperature probe wires, you have the authority to check the temperature probe because this is our main target.

  • Step 4: Examine Buildups

As we have discussed earlier, the main target is temperature. Then check if something is making its way onto the temperature probe or not.

Because sometimes, constant uses make the temperature probe dirty, and due to this, dirt and Debris on any type of these can make the city on the top of the temperature probe around it.

Is something happening with the temperature probe or not?

  • Step 5: Cleaning Temperature Probe

Now you have to make a solution to clean the dirt and Debris that is making their food strong on the temperature probe. We will use the famous cleaning remedy.

You must mix one portion of vinegar with two portions of water, and the dollar cleans the temperature probe with the solution we made out of vinegar.

But at this moment, don’t only focus on the temperature probe. Other components need attention, like the chamber and burn pot, or it could also be a fire pot. Sar, consider cleaning them as well.

  • Step 6: Use vacuum cleaner (optional)

use vacuum cleaner (optional)

You can also use a Vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the pit box smoker but make sure that you correctly read the user manual to mainly understand the Erl error code error message.

Simply use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the dust and debris out of the back wall by referring to traffic around the circumstances.


Many pit boss owners love to use pit box smoker box, but if it starts showing up different pit boss error codes or error messages, then you have to check for the exact reason, and luckily, we are here to the rescue.

We have listed different ways through which you can identify temp probe malfunction along with its solution.

Also, we have described an examination of different components like pellet grill, control board, pit boss grills, and error code that is triggering your mind.

But if you feel stuck anytime, contact pit boss support through Pit boss forums. And you can also watch referring YouTube videos.

We do hope that guide that we have listed will help you to get rid of the pit boss erl code error message that was frustrating you.

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