Kenmore washer troubleshooting

Kenmore washer troubleshooting. Washers are one of the most used appliances in our daily households, and people make these appliances as a part of their survival kit.

Still, if something goes wrong with washers, it can disturb your living standards for sure. And when we talk about good washer brands, Kenmore makes its name on the list of most used washers.

There is no doubt that the Kenmore Elite appliance is known for its reliability and longevity, but like all other technological appliances, the Kenmore washer can also get faulty. So you must have to go through a troubleshooting process.

It will be frustrating if you are a Kenmore Elite user and your washer stops working for possible reasons.

Suppose you are getting frustrated because your Kenmore washer is behaving weirdly or something goes wrong with your washer.

In that case, you have to take the frustration aside and start reading this troubleshooting article. Because, in this article, we are going to list down a troubleshooting process that mostly Kenmore elite users can go through.

Kenmore washer troubleshooting

We have listed out those problems along with their solutions so that you can go through them, read and identify which type of problem you are going through. Then you can apply the solution that we have listed below.

1. Kenmore Washers are making loud noises

People often take washing as therapeutic work, but that could not be relatable. If you are washing your drum filled with laundry and when you start cleaning your clothes, your washer is making a loud noise now.

Ahh, that is undoubtedly going to be frustrating even to think about such things.

But you don’t have to take tension as we have come down on your behalf and listed out a few problems that can cause the washer to burst out disturbing voices.

  • Worn out drive pulley

worn out drive pulley

If the drive pulley gets defective and starts benting inside or gets cracked, then Kenmore may start making loud noises.

So you have to take the drive pulley out of the washer and examine it thoroughly.

If you review any drive pulley, replace it with the new one because replaced parts will hopefully do the job.

If you don”t see any damage in the drive pulley. Then put it back in its place and move to the next thing that can cause the loud noise.

  • Broken Bearing Seal

broken bearing seal

The bearing is mounted at the center of the outer tub. If something goes wrong with the bearing.

It is recommended to change them and replace the bearing and the outer tub.

The sound produced in the Kenmore washer is commonly caused by a bearing seal that gets broken due to the rust on the bearing.

And if seals get damaged. Then water will stop leaking and the Kenmore washer will make loud noises.

  • Faulty Clutch

faulty clutch

A faulty clutch can fill your ears with a burst of unwanted noise coming from your washer, which could be your faulty clutch.

If the clutch is broken or damaged. You must repair it or replace the grip so that your washer can run smoothly.

Replaced parts can fix many problems.

  • Worn out drive belt

worn out drive belt

When you use your washer for a longer time, it may wear out its drive belt.

Take the drive belt out of the washing machine and check if it is worn out or not.

If that gets striped, then you have to replace it with the new one.

When you replace the drive belt then the replaced drive belt will work more efficiently than the worn-out one.

  • Clogged drain pump

clogged drain pump

If your washer is making noises while draining. It is more than possible that it is because of a bad drain pump.

You have to examine the drain pump because it is evident that something is going to be wrong with the drain pump.

Loud disturbing noise is mainly made because of blockage in the drain pump.

Examine the drain pump and check if something is blocking it.

After examining remove the dirt and debris that is blocking the drain pump.

After removing the blockage check the loud noise by rerunning your washer.

If the washer is not making any noise. It is clear that the drain pump was the reason for the noise and now the blockage of the drain pump is removed.

If the drain pump is broken from any side then you have to replace it with a new drain pump. If you replace the drain pump then hopefully it will clear out many problems.

2. Kenmore won’t be agitating/Spinning

Suppose you are done filling your washing machine with water and set to start clearing your laundry.

But your machine doesn’t even spin then Ohh, that will be a frustrating experience.

You must identify why your Kenmore is not agitating so that you can finish your laundry as soon as possible.

  • Defective Broken drive belt

defective broken drive belt

If your Kenmore doesn’t spin, then the problem could lie in the broken drive belt. So you have to drive your investigation on the broken drive belt.

Because the motor is connected by transmission through the drive belt.

If something goes wrong with it, then the connection between the engine and transmission will get disturbed and broken.

If the connection tears between the transmission and engine of the motor, then the washer will not go through a spin cycle because of a bad pump motor or bad tub motor.

You have to visually inspect the broken drive belt bad tub motor to fix what happened with it.

If it’s worn out, damaged, or broken, then you have to remove it. you can also replace it with a new replacement part.

When you replace the drive belt, the replaced part may fix the problem.

  • Stripped Block Bell

To ensure that the block bell is working correctly or not. Examine the block belt thoroughly.

Check if it is worn out, damaged, or stripped.

If it is damaged or denied, it can stop the spin speed of the washer. The washer will end up not spinning.

So all you have to do is to replace the block bell so your washer can start functioning normally and agitating again.

When you replace the block bell the replaced block bell will possibly do the job.

  • Coupling against motor

coupling against motor

Motor coupling is a protection between the connection of the washer’s motor.

If something goes out of the line and stops protecting the link.

If you are wondering the reason behind the defect in the coupling against the engine.

You have to be extra careful because this overloading washing machine can create many problems.

Examine the coupling of the bad pump motor. If it is faulty, you have to replace it with the new one.

So it can continue providing a connection between the engine and transmission.

Make sure that you reduce the top load washing machine bearing. Because if you will again top load washing machine then it will start vibrating again.

make sure that you load the washer according to its efficiency because if you will overload the washer more than its efficiency then it will throw you up in a big hurdle. So you mustn’t.

  • Defective Motor control Board

defective motor control board

Sometimes problems could lie in the tub motor control board. The Control board works to provide the connection around the Kenmore washer.

If the control board gets faulty for any reason, it can break the link.

You have to examine the different parts of the control board. If any part and component of a control board are not working correctly.

You must replace the engine and the control board because the control board is the one that is connected with many systems of Kenmore washers.

If the same problem comes over then you must have to go for replacement parts.

  • Door lock

door lock

If your Kenmore washer is showing up with door problems, then you have to check the door lock and lid switch.

The problem with the door lock and lid lock is going to make a big mess that you have to fix it right away.

The issue can be a bad door lock, bad lid switch, broken door latch, and water inlet valve to fix the issue related to the door lock and fix them easily after looking at the problem.

3. Kenmore is having issues while draining

The main reason Kenmore washers start throwing up issues related to drain is the blockage.

If something gets closed into the components, then the Kenmore drain may start throwing up weird drain issues.

  • Clogged drain pump

clogged drain pump

If your Kenmore washer is not draining properly, then it is obvious that the problem could lie in the clogged drain pump.

Check if something is wrong with the drain pump because if something gets stuck in the bad drain pump then the drain pump will get blocked.

You have to remove the blockage and clean out the bad drain pump so that you can start finishing up your laundry all over again.

After clearing the blockage of the drain pump, if your Kenmore washer is still going through a draining problem then you have to replace the bad drain pump.

If you will replace the drain pump then it will fix many problems. Run cold water through starting up a rinse cycle.

  • Clogged drain hose

clogged drain hose

The blockage could lie in the hoses as well. Thoroughly examine our drain hose that if it is clogged due to dirt debris or not.

If you feel them blocked then you have to remove the blockage by cleaning the drain hose up.

As the clogged hose will cause many problems in your washers so it is recommended that you clear out the clogged waste hose.

So that it cannot cause any further problems.

If the drain pump gets broken then you must have to look up for drain pump installation guide that will help you to wash clothes.

  • Clogged waste hose

clogged waste hose

The washing machine can show problems when something gets stuck in the waste hose so we have to clear out the waste hose.

If something gets stuck in the waste hose, then we have to go through the waste hose and remove any debris that is sticking inside the waste hose.

If the waste hose gets broken then you must have to look up for waste hose installation guide as a waste hose installation guide will help you to clean clothes.

If the drain pump installation guide and waste hose installation guide doesn’t solve the problem then the problem could lie in the filters.

  • Clogged filters

clogged filters

Filters usually work to clear out any dirt debris or lint that comes from the clothes.

But cleaning the filter is also important because nothing can get clogged and trapped.

So you have to clean the filters because something may be stuck into them.

Which is all the way stopping water from getting drained.,

  • Dirty coin traps

dirty coin traps

A lot of Kenmore washers comes with installed coin traps to block big item like coins and filter them in a trap.

You have to check the coin trap and examine if it is dirty or not, and if the coin trap is blocked due to any possible reason.

Then you have to clean it by rinsing it with very little water and remove the blockage so your Kenmore washer can start draining all over again.

4. Kenmore is Vibrating

If your washer is vibrating then it is one of the most common problems at the Kenmore, but we are here to help you to wash your laundry while stabilizing your washer in its place.

  • Broken suspension rods

broken suspension rods

Suspension rods work to manage the movement when the wash cycle is in process.

There could be more than one suspension rod that can get damaged and cause the washer to make loud noises during the spin cycle.

Take the suspension rods and examine them thoroughly to see if they are broken or not.

If you find them broken, then do not wait and replace them with the new suspension rods so that your washing machine doesn’t vibrate during the wash cycle.

  • Damaged Shocks

damaged shocks

Shocks prevent the washer from vibrating and shaking, and if something gets wrong with the shocks.

If they get broken or worn out due to any reason, then they will not be able to prevent the washers from vibration and constant shacking.

First, you have to examine the shocks, but before that, you have to locate them and then thoroughly check if they are broken or not.

If you witness any damage to the shocks, then make sure that you repair them, or we recommend you replace the shocks.

  • Broken balancing springs

broken balancing springs

Springs are used to balancing the washer’s tub, and if it gets broken, the washers will lose their balance and will start vibrating.

So you have to examine all the balancing springs and check for damage.

If springs are broken, then remove the broken spring and check.

If the tray around the spring is rusted or not, because it can also cause the shaking and vibration of the washers, so replace that rusted tray.

  • Balancing Leg

balancing leg

The legs of the washer play an essential role in balancing it.

If they lose balance then your new washer is undoubtedly going to shake and vibrate.

So check every leg that they are well or if something is wrong with them.

If one of the legs is broken or damaged then you have to repair them right away so that your Kenmore washer doesn’t move around or vibrate.

5. Kenmore washer is not filling up correctly

If your knee is not filling up enough water then you have to keep looking at the front load washer.

So that after examining our front load washer you can shift to the common problems and examine them that are blocking you from washing your laundry.

  • Faulty water inlet valve

faulty water inlet valve

When we fill the new washer with water, then the water inlet valve opens up.

The washer starts storing water in it but when something will get faulty with the water inlet valve then it is going to be a frustrating process for sure.

Because water will not fill up in the tank properly so you have to check the water inlet valve and if it needs maintenance then fix them thoroughly.

  • Water pressure

Water Inlet valves ask for proper pressure so make sure that you are providing enough pressure and enough water to these valves.

If pressure is not coming out properly then the Kenmore washer will not fill its tanks properly. And it also leads to wastewater.

6. Kenmore Washing Machine Leaking

If your Kenmore washing machine is leaking then that points out that something is cracked, worn out, or damaged that is making the way for the water to leak away, so we have to examine out the leakage.

Water leaking is a serious matter and we should fix and repair it right away.

  • Cracked drain pump

cracked drain pump

Check drain pumps if they are broken or cracked because a cracked drain pump can cause leakage in the washing machine.

After examining the leakage you have to replace the drain pipe with the new one so that the leakage can go away.

  • Worn out seal

worn out seal

Select around the components can wear away over time so after making sure that sealant is broken and worn out.

The seals are making way for the water to make its way to leak.

So make sure that you fix the sealing problem around the Kenmore washer.

  • Leaked water inlet valves

This is one of the most common reasons for leakage. You have to pull out the outer cover of the washer and then you have to locate the water inlet valve.

Check each valve thoroughly and examine which one is leaking. If the same problem comes over then you must have to go for replacement parts.

Final Verdict

Suppose you are planning to wash clothes, but in the wash cycle your Kenmore washer starts throwing up problems in a few minutes.

Then you must have to look up troubleshooting tips. tips that we have specially listed for you so that we care about your money.

Because if you will not be able to read this article then it is sure that you are not going to set your Kenmore washer by yourself.

We are here to help you to fix and repair the laundry issues.

We want to lock your money in your pocket. As we want to save you from a heavy amount of money that a plumber is going to get out of your pocket.

For those very common problems that you can look up and solve by staying in the comfort of your home.

Hope the troubleshooting tips that we have listed above will help you to solve problems related to your machine. Paying attention will save you from paying an additional cost.

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