Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling

Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling. Refrigerators are one of the essential kitchen appliances. Refrigerators are used daily in our households.

People even make them a part of their survival kits. then Kenmore elite model is a good model.

Kenmore makes its list at the top when discussing good refrigerator brands. Kenmore refrigerators are used worldwide.

Kenmore’s elite refrigerator is one of the best, especially in terms of its performance and high durability.

Kenmore keeps on launching new and enhanced technology. But like all technologies, it can also show up errors.

The most crucial feature of refrigerators is their cooling. Cooling is essential to make the food fresh. But if the refrigerator stops its primary function, it will undoubtedly be frustrating.

Things will get rotten, and it will cause food spoilage, and you will have to compromise your hygiene.

If your Kenmore refrigerator is not cooling correctly, we know you will get frustrated. When it comes to a faulty refrigerator, you must look for a solution immediately.

If you are looking for ways to clear the problem of low icing proper temperature, then you must go through a proper process.

If you want to hire a professional to solve your problem, you must stop because we have your back.

We are curious about the money you don’t have to spend hiring a plumber. We have listed some causes that do not let your refrigerator cool up.

Kenmore elite refrigerator not cooling

Troubleshooting and Solution

You must first step into a fixture process to identify why your Kenmore refrigerator stopped working. Suppose that when you open your new fridge to get some fresh eggs.

When you open the refrigerator component up, you see that they are rotten. You can witness some vibrations as well.

4 Basic Causes

It would be best if you had to go for some essential detection before checking detailed troubleshooting of the Kenmore refrigerator.

Because sometimes, fundamental problems can disturb the whole functionality of the refrigerators. So looking into such things will do the job.

1. Faulty Switch

faulty switch

Make sure that the switch on your Kenmore refrigerator is set up correctly.

Because sometimes, some straight wire of the refrigerator gets bent or disconnected inside the switch.

At the same time, it looks appropriately normal from the outside.

So you have to loosen the screws of the switch and examine out any disconnected wires.


If you see any disconnected wire, attach it back to its position and then try to plug it into the socket.

If it starts working, then you are good to go. If that doesn’t start working, then you have to shift reading to the next step.

2. Disconnected Power

disconnected power

Check if the socket that you are using is flowing power or not.

Sometimes we think our refrigerator is on, but our socket doesn’t flow power.


Try plugging your phone charger into the same socket you use to plug the switch into your refrigerator.

The problem lies in the socket power if the charger doesn’t start charging.

If the charger starts charging, you must shift the reading to the following fundamental problem.

3. Disturbing Ventilation

disturbing ventilation

This ventilation mistake was made by people who had just bought their Kenmore.

Many Refrigerators owners make this mistake.

When they place their refrigerator, they don’t leave a place for ventilation behind it.

When air doesn’t get its way to escape, then it will start heating up. That heat will not let refrigerator temperature cool down


Leave a proper space behind the refrigerator so airflow can pass adequately. When cold air passes then, it will start cooling your refrigerator again.

4. Faulty Compressor

faulty compressor

A Compressor is a pump that uses evaporators and Compressorcoils to compress the circulation.

If the Compressor stops working, then the refrigerator will stop cooling down.

Check if the Compressor is faulty or not. Examine the open circuit. If it is open, then it indicates that the Compressors


A failed Compressor is one of the most common reasons, but you still have to go through the significant causes before checking in to the Compressor.


If it is still faulty after examining the compressor circuit, it is recommended that we replace the condenser.

8 Major Causes and Solutions

We have listed some most common significant causes that will reduce or even cut off the temperature.

Due to this, the Kenmore refrigerator will end up throwing up no ice buildup.

1. Faulty Condenser Fan Motor

faulty condenser fan motor

The condenser fan motor of any refrigerator works mainly as an essential functioning component for the Kenmore elite refrigerator.

The condenser fan motor uses condenser coils to blow the air that works efficiently to cool down the temperature of the Kenmore elite refrigerator.

Check the fan of the condenser motor if it is spinning correctly. You can do a hand test by spinning the condenser motor fan.

Moving the motor fan with your hand indicates that the fan is average if it moves correctly without any hurdles.

But if the motor fan doesn’t move or stops working correctly, you must replace it.


If you see any clogs in the fan motor blade, try cleaning them.

If you feel that problem will not be solved by just cleaning, you must replace it entirely with the new one.

2. Defective Evaporator Fan

defective evaporator fan

Some of the Kenmore elite refrigerators come with the evap fan motor. Suppose it works as a condenser fan motor works.

It works primarily to pass cool air and circulate it through the refrigerant freezer.

Suppose something gets wrong with the evaporator motor.

Then it will stop evaporating air and will not let it circulate through the cooling t.


Please do the same test we described for the condenser fan motor above. Try to spin the evaporator motor with your hands.

If it doesn’t spin and starts sticking around, try to replace it so that you can start enjoying the food you want to stay calm.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

dirty condenser coils

Condenser coils are essential for the Kenmore elite refrigerator. They are usually located down the refrigerator.

They usually work to dissipate the heat through the condensing coils. It will stop despising when condenser coils get clogged.

If something like dirt and debris makes its way into the condensing coils, it will stop heating them.

If the coils do not get enough heart, the refrigerator will stop cooling.


If condenser coils are dirty, then it is recommended that you thoroughly clean them. Cleaned condenser coils will work properly.

After it starts working correctly, you can enjoy the freezer compartment ice cubes.

4. Defective Temperature Control Thermostat

defective temperature control thermostat

The thermostat is basically used to connect the voltage to the different main components of the refrigerator, including the condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor.

It also directs voltage to the Compressor as well.

If something goes wrong with the temperature control thermostat, then it is sure that the refrigerators will end up getting enough voltage.

If the refrigeration does not get enough voltage, the refrigerator will end up cooling down.


If you want to check if the thermostat is defective, you must do an examining test.

The first step that you have to take is to move the temperature control Thermostate’s setting from the lowest point and move it to the highest setting point.

If you witness the click sound, there is nothing wrong with the temperature control thermostat.

If the temperature control thermostat doesn’t sound like a click while moving its setting, it indicates that the temperature control thermostat is defective.

It is recommended to replace the faulty thermostat, which will most likely do the job.

5. Defective the thermistor

defective the thermistor

The primary function of the thermistor is to scrutinize the temperature of the refrigerator.

After examining the temperature, it stores its reading and sends it directly to the control board.

If we talk about the control board, the control board runs a condenser fan motor and evaporator fan motor based on the readings that the thermistor provides through evaporator coils.

Suppose the thermistor fails and it fails to send a reading to the control board.

In that case, it will directly affect the functionality of the condenser and evaporator fan motors with the evaporator coil.

When these motors do not work, the problem will lead to a refrigerator that will not cool down the refrigerator and freezer compartments.


The first thing that you have to do is to test the thermistor by using a multimeter. Use a multimeter and check if it’s reading usually fluctuates.

If you feel any disturbance in its readings, you have to replace the thermistor so that it can provide reading to the fan motor and your refrigerator starts working again.

6. Faulty Start Capacitor

faulty start capacitor

The start capacitor is the most valuable component of the refrigerator. It is used to boost the power and direct the boost to the condenser.

If the capacitor goes overage, or it gets faulty. Then it can get faulty.

If the start capacitor gets faulty, it will not boost the power to the condenser. If the condenser does not work, the refrigerator and air damper will stop working fine.


If you see that the capacitor is not working, then replacing it with the new start capacitor will do the job.

7. Faulty Temperature Control Board

faulty temperature control board

The temperature main control board works to transfer the voltage to the condenser fan motor. And that voltage transfers its functions to the refrigerator.

It was evident that if something goes wrong with the temperature main control board, it will not direct the voltage to the condenser fan motor.

If the condenser fan motor will not work, it is more than possible to stop directing voltage and condensing water through the refrigerator.

And it leads to a situation where the refrigerator will not work correctly, and your eggs will keep getting rotten.


We recommend you check other refrigerators’ other central components that can get faulty.

Because this is the master component of the Kenmore elite, check out the other components we have listed above.

If none is on-fault, you can use a thermometer to check everything around you.


If anything is getting disturbed in the temperature control board, you have to replace it.

But keep in mind that it is going to be a great replacement. So make sure that you read the note carefully.

8. Defective Main Control Board

defective main control board

Control Board is the main component of Keurig’s elite refrigerator.

If it gets faulty, it will stop directing functions to the other main components of the Kenmore elite refrigerator.

If that stops working, the components that provide cooling to the refrigerator will automatically stop working.


We suggest the examination process for other refrigerators’ other more commonly defective parts that can get faulty.

Because this is also the master component of the Kenmore elite, check out the other components we have listed above.

Because this is also a significant component that asks for a great replacement, you must keep that in mind.


If the main control board stops working, then it is recommended that you should change the control board immediately.

Replace it with the best replacement components. We hope your refrigerator will stop working again after clearing out the problem with the control board.


As we know, refrigerators are used to cool properly down food to prevent it from getting rotten.

Suppose you come home after a hectic day and don’t even get freezer working cold water to drink. And the reason you identify is that your refrigerator not cooling.

There is no doubt that the cooling system of the elite Kenmore model is reliable. But in the end, it can get faulty because it is a technology. If your Kenmore stops functioning its part, then you must have to go for its solutions.

If you have a Kenmore elite refrigerator that is not cooling, you must research for primary and significant causes and fixes. We have listed four fundamental causes.

If your refrigerator is not cooling up correctly, we have covered your frustration and come up with the solutions.

We have listed four primary causes that will not let your refrigerator ON, and you will end up thinking that something is wrong with your refrigerator’s cooling department.

we have also listed eight significant causes that can lead to a not colling Kenmore elite refrigerator.

The most common causes are Faulty Compressor and evaporator fan motors, defective condenser, dirty condenser coil, Faulty temperature control board, and problems with thermistors and thermostats.

You have to make sure that after trying out the above troubleshooting processes, the heat starts releasing heat effectively

We have also listed some possible solutions. We recommend replacing the faulty part immediately so that it doesn’t can make any problems in the future.

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