Hue bridge not connecting

The Philips Hue Bridge permits you to manage your lights from any part of the home. It is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi signals and works fine if you have a fast internet connection speed.

However, it is irritating to see hue bridge not connecting with the internet because you find yourself back to normal dumb lights.

There is no one reason for this issue because you need to look at different things when the hue bridge is not connecting to WI FI signals.

Firstly, check the internet status on your internet modem and reboot the hub because you need to stable internet connection if you want to use a smart device connected to an internet router through WIFI signals or ethernet cable. Next, ensure the Hue Bridge is properly set up and Philips Hue App is running smoothly without any issues.

If you are a new user, then keep in mind that it’s very important to keep the Hue Bridge software updated on the latest version to remove bugs and software glitches. Keep reading.

Hue bridge not connecting

If your Philips Hue app is not connecting and it is reeling to get commands from the Philips Hue Bridge, then, first of all, make sure the network connection is stable.

Check the Wi-Fi router is turned on and transmitting Wi-Fi signals. You can check the internet signal speed on your smartphone.

If the internet is coming nicely in smartphones, then ensure your smartphone and your Hue Bridge are connected to the same internet modem.

You can also use the option to uninstall and reinstall the Philips Hue app to remove any bugs and glitches. Let us discuss each step in detail to reconnect the Hue bridge with the internet so you can easily turn off the lights from where you want.

Check the brand

check the brand

The first and simple reason if your hue bridge is not connecting with the internet is that you are not using Hue-compatible lights.

You must know that you can only add Hue-adoptable lights to the Hue app. So, when you go to the market to purchase new Hue bridge lights then, ensure these lights have the Hue logo on them.

If you have bought the wrong bulbs, then it’s better to replace them with Hue-compatible lights to connect them to the internet.

Switch the light on

Another simple thing to remember is Philips Hue lights connect to the internet when the power button they are connected to is turned on.

If the light button is off, then how can you think the light will turn on and connect to the internet?

So, recheck the wall socket and make sure all the light switches are turned on. If any light switch is off, then change its position and try to connect the Hue bridge to the internet.

Internet connection issue

internet connection issue

Sometimes, the hue bridge does not connect due to short-term internet connection issues. If the red light starts flashing on the internet router, it means there is no internet service.

Reboot the router after unplugging it for one minute. If the internet signals start coming, then great; otherwise, call the local internet provider to troubleshoot the no internet service.

You can easily make sure the internet service is running or not by launching a website on your smartphone. If the website is smoothly launched and working, then there is no issue with an internet router.

Another possibility behind no internet service is you do not have data that cap. If you have not to paid the monthly bill, then your internet connection is cut off until you pay the monthly bill.

If none of the smart devices is working and there is no other issue, then contact will provide local service providers to inform them about no internet service.

Out-of-range router

out of range router

Internet routers or modem locations matter a lot in the proper connection of the hue bridge to the network.

So, if your router is placed at a reasonable distance from the Wifi router, then bring it close to the Hue Bridge for a secure internet connection.

The same would be the case with Hue lights because if you fixed them close to each other, then there would be a more strong connection between them.

Network limitations

On some internet routers, there are limitations for new smart devices to connect, so recheck the limitation settings and make sure you have no limitations for new smart devices to connect.

Similarly, check the network modem’s firewall is permitting traffic for the Hue bridge. These options mostly fix the internet problem. If not, then don’t get frustrated and move forward to the next solution.

Update your Hue Bridge software

Updating your hue bridge software if there is an update available is necessary because if your software is outdated, you will keep receiving an “Unable to Connect” error message.”

So, follow these points to update the latest software version in hue bridge to connect it to the internet.

  1. Launch the Hue app.
  2. Open the settings tab.
  3. Choose Software update.
  4.  Select the update if any update is available.
  5. Follow the instructions to install it.

If you want to save your Hue network, then switch on the automatic updates option to keep your network software up to date.

Unitstall and reinstall the Hue app

unitstall and reinstall the hue app

If you are unable to connect to hue bridge, then another trick is to uninstall and reinstall the hue app from your phone.

So go to the google play store on your mobile and uninstall the Hue app.

Reboot your phone to remove the minor bugs and reinstall the app on your phone and run the app to check hue bridge is connected to the internet.

Contact Philips Hue support

If your Hue bridge is still not connected, then you have the only option to contact Philips Hue support for further assistance.

Sometimes, the issue arises due to hardware problems that can not be troubleshooter without tech support from a professional.


The bottom line of the post is that if your Philips Hue Bridge is creating issues and not connecting to the internet, then follow all the solutions mentioned in the article to fix the problem.

Sadly, if you are not able to get out of trouble, contact Philips Hue support for help and sort out the problem.

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