How to add apps to vizio tv without v button

How to add apps to vizio tv without v button. Vizio TV has a lot of specifications regarding the preference of its users. However, it also contains some pre-installed apps, but you can add apps if you desire.

Usually, you use the V button to get any app on your Vizio TV. But if you are a Vizio Tv user, you must know that Vizio insufficiently supports the Andriod OS applications. So, you can’t approach the Play store to download or install android apps.

Vizio TVs are well-known for their standards of picture quality and other attributes. But due to their advanced features, you may get many of your desired things.

Well, it’s essential to pushing the V button from your Vizio smart TV remote to access Vizio apps. Still, if you want to add further apps to Vizio tv without the V button or the Tv’s remote control V button gets defective unintentionally, then we are here to solve your problem.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to add apps to Vizio tv without V button, so stay with us and keep reading to learn about different ways.

How to add apps to vizio tv without v button

No matter what the scenario is, whether it’s a defective V button or there is anything else that urges you to seek an authentic way to add apps to Vizio TV without the v button.

So, till we are here, we always try to fix your problems in easy and valuable ways. So, in this article, we will explain to add apps to your Vizio smart TVs using a few methods.

It includes the Vizio internet apps Plus platform, SmartCast app, and flash drive that may enable you to sideload apps on your Vizio TV. You may also get other solutions, so let’s dive into valuable ways.

One thing that you need to know before going through any procedure is getting to know about your Vizio TV model. The Vizio TVs model needs to choose the right way of adding apps to Vizio TV without the V button.

A Short Helpful List To Choose A Suitable Platform:

a short helpful list to choose a suitable platform

  • Use VIA (Vizio Internet Apps)

So, if your Vizio TV was released before 2013, then you may go through the Vizio internet apps method.

  • Use The VIA Plus (Vizio Internet Apps)

After inspecting your Vizio smart TV, if you find it released in the period of 2013 to 2017, you may go with the VIA plus platform to download apps using a dedicated, connected TV store.

  • Use The SmartCast Without App

If you find your Vizio TV launched in 2016-2017, you may use the SmartCast App to download apps on Vizio smart TV.

  • Use The SmartCast With App

So if your Vizio smart TV launch after 2018, you may use apps on Vizio SmartCast hd TVs using SmartCast with apps.

But if you have 4K UHD Vizio smart TVs launched between 2016 and 2017, you may go through the following platform.

  • Vizio TV Popular Apps

Here are a few applications that are very popular and well known for their media streaming content.

  1. Yahoo Sports
  2. VizControl
  3. Netflix
  4. Youtube
  5. Pluto TV
  6. Crackle
  7. Hulu

You may also access other apps on your Vizio TV without using the V button.

Method 1: Vizio Internet App (VIA) Plus Platform

vizio internet app (via) plus platform

You may use the VIA plus platform to install apps externally without using the V button. It would be best to double-check your Vizio smart TV internet connection before starting the procedure.

Here are the steps below; you may follow them to download apps successfully.

  • Step 1: Push the Home button two times from your TV remote. It may allow you to access all the installed apps on your Vizio smart TVs.
  • Step 2: You may have different tabs on the screen, including My apps, All Apps, Featured, and categories. Choose the desired App you want to install.
  • Step 3: If you want some specific apps to install, you may choose the tab name with All Apps and then search for the name to download apps.
  • Step 4: Hit the Ok button from your Vizio remote control. You have to wait until your App gets installed.

The procedure will let you to the Vizio internet apps store. Enjoy streaming apps of your choice.

Method 2: Using SmartCast App in a Remote Way

using smartcast app in a remote way

You might know or not, but Vizio TVs support Google Chromecast. So you may go through the SmartCast layout to add or delete any app from your Vizio TV.

SmartCast enables you to access all the applications and monitor them on your Vizio TV. So, for this purpose, you require your mobile phone with a Google Chromecast-authorized application.

Another thing that needs to be concerned is that your Vizio TV allows a small figure to download apps. So, unluckily you can’t get many apps on your Vizio TV.

While downloading other apps, you may manage apps by remembering the pre-installed apps on your Vizio TVs.

So, on your Vizio TVs, navigate the Chromecast page and control your Vizio Tv cursor using your Mobile device.

Using the cursor, you may go through the All Apps tab and search to install the apps of your desire. Keeps reading to know more ways to install apps on your Vizio TVs.

Method 3: Sideload Apps On Vizio TV Using Flashdrive

sideload apps on vizio tv using flashdrive

Here is another method to install apps on your Vizio smart TV without the V button, which uses the flash drive. The process is best to install apps if you don’t have secure internet.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need a downloaded APK file of the App you want on your Vizio TV. Now, you require a flash drive with no data in it. Insert the APK file in it.
  • Step 2: Flick Off your Vizio TV and detach its power cord. After attaching the flash drive to your Vizio TV, you may plug the cord into the power outlet and then flick your TV On.
  • Step 3: Now, you have to wait; your system will start to sideload apps when it turns On. Let the process complete.

Method 4: Use Vizio TVs Buttons To Navigate Interface

use vizio tvs buttons to navigate interface

The following procedure will let you access the play store using your Vizio TVs buttons. You require a stable internet connection to proceed with the procedure.

  • Step 1: You must locate the Input and Volume Down buttons and then push and hold them. Now go through the Home Screen.
  • Step 2: This time, you may see a screen of an app that you have already installed on your Vizio TV.
  • Step 3: Navigate All Apps and search for the App you want in your Vizio Tv, hit Ok, and let the app installation process.

Method 5: ScreenCast Apps Using Mobile Devices

screencast apps using mobile devices

Another fantastic way to download apps on Vizio smart TVs without using a V button on your TV remote is ScreenCasting.

Here are the following steps that may enable you to screencast the App using your mobile device on your Vizio TV.

  • Step 1: To proceed with the method, ensure that your Vizio Tv and Mobile device use the same wireless network. Using the same wifi network will allow your mobile to recognize your Vizio Tvs wireless display.
  • Step 2: If you don’t have then firstly download the App that you want to cast, but if you already have one, then open the App like the Youtube app(take it as an example because it’s a Vizio App) and tap on the Connect To a Device icon.
  • Step 3: It might be possible that your Vizio Tv may start searching for other wireless displays using the same wifi network. When you see your TV, please select it and start enjoying your screencasting on your Vizio TV.

The plus point of using this method is you can run screencast apps as many as you want, as there is no limit to apps.

Method 6: Cast Streaming Apps From PC to TV

We are explaining different ways for a streaming app on your Vizio Tv without the V button, but if you want to stream media using your Laptop or PC, you can open the google chrome browser.

Navigate Menu and choose the Cast option. It will allow you to share your screen if you have installed Windows 10.

Method 7: iPhone AirPlay Streaming App To Vizio TVs

iphone airplay streaming app to vizio tvs

Here is another way to allow your Vizio TV SmartCast to use Airplay 2. As your Vizio Tv support iOS devices for SmartCasting.

So, if you want to SmartCast your Vizio TV using an iOS device which includes iPhone, pad, and Mac, then follow the steps to stream airplay content on your Vizio TV.

  • Step 1: Firstly, grab your iOS device, iPhone, or iMac, and launch your streaming app. Go to your wishlist media and choose something for streaming.
  • Step 2: Locate the Airplay icon and tap on it. Choose your Vizio TV name and enjoy your favorite streaming apps.

Procedure To Remove App On Vizio TV

As we discussed that you could add limited apps on Vizio TVs. So if your reach the maximum number of applications and now you want another app to install, then you have to remove one or more apps that are already existed.

Here are some simple steps to delete an app from your Vizio TV.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you may push the Home button two times on your Vizio remote. You may see all the installed apps on the screen.
  • Step 2: Go through All Apps and look for the App you want to remove. When you discover the App then, hit the Ok button.
  • Step 3: You may find an uninstall option on the App homepage tap on it. Now, wait for the uninstallation of your unwanted App from your Vizio TV.


We hope these methods will surely work for how to add apps to Vizio TV without V button of your Vizio remote.

You may follow any of the methods which you find suitable for you. While using these methods, you may access android or ios mobile apps on your Vizio TVs.

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