Gas oven smells like gas

Gas oven smells like gas. People around the world widely use gas ovens because of their functionality. Gas ovens are appreciated by professional chefs.

A gas oven can distribute heat around the oven. They work efficiently in cocking food.

Suppose you are a little too excited about the morning as you are going to bake something in the gas oven. When you come out to bake a cake in the gas oven, you suddenly start witnessing a smell that feels like gas.

Well, we know that sounds frustrating to even think about it. But if your gas oven smells like gas, you must pay immediate attention to this matter.

First, you have to identify the reasons behind this gas smell. After identifying, you have to look up solutions to that reasons.

You don’t really have to make a burden on your head because we have got your back. In this article, we have identified the most common reasons that can lead to gas smell coming out of the gas ovens.

Before leading to the Causes of the gas smell that comes out of your oven gas is to lead toward the important components of the oven.

You have to understand the parts of the oven. So that when you will start your DIY repairing project then it will help you to start your project easily.

Gas oven smells like gas

Parts of Gas Ovens

  • Pilot gas supply line

pilot gas supply line

The pilot gas line is used to connect the gas supply through the pilot light and it is very convenient to work through the auger.

  • Pilot light

The pilot light is used to ignite a gas through the flame. You can locate the pilot light in the small hole of the oven.

If you want to locate the small hole then you can check it in the Front of the bottom and sometimes it could be around the door opening of the oven.

Most of the newer gas range doesn’t have that pilot light because it is sued as electric and indicated only the gas.

  • Controlling knobes

Knobes are used to turn the small flame on. they also function to switch on and off the oven.

  • Control panel

The Control panel is a controlling stab that controls the overall performance of the gas oven.

  • Thermostat


The thermostat is used to control the overall temperature of the oven.

Every type of electric and gas oven comes with a thermostat to control the temperature of cooking and baking of the food that e cooked in the oven.

  • Main burner

If we talk specifically about gas ovens then they have that stove burner lights that distribute heat through an electric fan.

Those fans are able to run through electrical switches.

Reasons and Solutions gas smell, gas leak

Reason 1. Leakage of Gas

Leakage of the gas is one of the most dangerous and alarming situations. Gas leak mostly happens because of the broken gas line. Because the gas line gets distracted for any reason, it can leak the gas.

If you witness any smelling gas, then you have to immediately go for precautions. The first step that you have to do is to shut off all the gas connections.

When you are done shutting off the gas connections, we recommend you turn all the fans ON. Ensure that gas valves are tightly closed.

Open up all the windows so that air can pass adequately. The most crucial step you have to take is to leave the home immediately.

After making yourself a perfectly normal, the next thing that you have to do is to ring the gas supplier’s emergency line.

Tell them that you are witnessing a faint smell of gas. You have to be careful when using the gas oven to reduce the minimal risk.

Reason 2. Odorant

Natural Gas doesn’t have any smell. Gas providers add different types of odorants to the gas. that smell is an indicator of leakage. When gas starts leaking, then, it will automatically start smelling.

The smell that is added to the gas smell like rotten eggs. The smell of rotting eggs is disturbing enough to make one’s senses disturbed and alarming.

So whenever you set up a new oven, it is most possible to witness an unusual odor. Most gas odours are added to the natural gas to prevent its users from any alarming situation.

As we have described earlier, the smell gas will release will be like the smell of rotten eggs. To get rid of the rotten egg smell, you have to wait a few hours after installing your new gas ovens.

Reason 3. Damaged gas igniter

damaged gas igniter

Sometimes if your gas range oven smells like gas, then the reason could be a damaged gas igniter, when the igniter gets damaged then the gas valve pilot gas supply line will not get enough amount of the current gas flow.

When gas valves do not get enough gas supply, then after turning the gas range ON, the pressure will decrease.

When pressure is not able to make its way through the path, then the stove will not burn on fire for a few seconds.

These gas ignites will make not let the stove turn ON for a few seconds, and in these seconds, gas will escape. That escaped gas will make your oven smell.

You simply have to remove the gas igniter and remove it. To remove the gas igniter, you have to follow up a few steps.

Steps To remove Igniter

  • Igniters connect Power: The first step that you have to take to remove the igniter is to disconnect the power of the oven and turn it entirely Off.
  • Disconnect the Gas supply: After disconnecting the power supply, you have to disconnect the gas supply.
  • Remove Oven removable parts: Remove anything removable in the oven like its bottom, baking trays, rack, small open flame spreader and removable oven mat.
  • Access the igniter: After Igniting the extra oven parts like oven racks and gas valves. You will be able to access the igniter. You caIgnitere the igniter that Igniter access along the burner tube.
  • Removing of Panels: to remove the panels, you have to check the type of your oven because it depends on the type of your oven that the igniter is atIgniterwith.
  • Remove the Wiring: The next step that you have to take is to remove the igniter wiring by losing screws. Make sure that the wiring doesn’t get broken while you remove the igniter.
  • ExIgniterhe Igniter: The next step that you have to do is to examine the igniter and whaIgnitertually wrong with it.
  • If it’s dirty then you have to clean it. And if it is broken, then you have to replace it with the new igniter thoroughly.

ReasIgniterunctured Gas Tank

reasigniterunctured gas tank

Suppose your oven smells like rotten eggs, then it means that gas is leaking, and that is going to be pretty dangerous.

But if you witness a hissing sound right after turning your gas range ON then, it could happen because of punctured gas or propane tanks.

If these tanks get damaged due to any possible reason, then your oven will surely go to smell as bad as it could.

Reason 5. Burning Packaging materials

We know that we all often get careless while doing our home chores. Sometimes we manage cocking, cleaning, and baking at the same time.

Especially when guests are over, and you have to serve them everything freshly cooked and baked.

It is expected that you can forget leftover packing materials or anything covering like aluminium foil inside the oven. When they stay left in the oven for longer, then they can lead to bad odour smells.

Packing wastes start heating up and end up burning when we start our gas and electric ovens. These burning wrappers can spread a bad gas odour in our oven. So you have to thoroughly clean the oven.

It is recommended that you make a proper regularly cleaning routine for the oven so that you don’t have to compromise on your hygiene.

Reason 6. Blocked Oven Vents

blocked oven vents

As we have discussed the above reason that when we have to rush to serve our guests then it is possible that adequately cleaning out the oven can slip out of your mind.

When these disposals and stuff like aluminium foil make their way into the oven, they can block the vented oven as well.

Oven vents can get clogged by anything lying in the oven. As gas oven doesn’t come with the self-cleaning function.

So you have to remove and clean the oven from the inside correctly so that nothing can block the vents of the oven.

Reason 7. Smeared Oven

smeared oven

Suppose your oven smells like a gas range then, it is more than possible that something is lying in the oven like food spits.

These food spits will start getting rotten and make as bad odours as possible.

To get rid of this smell, you have to clean the oven, its door, and even every part of the oven. This is going to be an excellent step to get rid of foul odor.


Installing a new oven is one of the best excitement that we feel. The market has come up with electric and gas ovens, but gas ovens make their place very quickly in households.

If you have saved a lot of money to buy a good gas range, then you are the one who knows its worth.

If it starts smelling like gas, then you have to look up the above-listed reasons that we have listed in a bit of detail.

The most common reasons are leaking, damaged igniter broken vents or anything that is burning inside the oven. Luckily we have defined the majority of the answers.

We suggest that before buying any oven, read the manufacturer’s instructions first so that you can prevent yourself from open flames and pose minimal risk. In case of any risk, use a fire extinguisher.

We hope that you like the reasons that we have listed for you. And you can get rid of the bad odour that is coming through gas ranges.

You can call your gas company or gas supplier and your gas company will come out to detect the gas odor and determine what is causing it.

Have at least one fire extinguisher and one carbon monoxide detector in your kitchen, and on each level of your home.

If you will follow all the reasons that we have listed above by examining and going through each one of them. Then we are sure that you will be able to clear that frustrating smell out of your gas range.

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